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STAY LOCAL | Vol. 33, No. 5, July 8, 2010
(Where Is Bud Billings' Money?)

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People Who Do It Right

by Sean Boone
Amber Rushing
Assistant Wine Merchant, Aragon Wine Market

IN: Tell us a little about what you do and your background in the business.
RUSHING: I was a chef, and I always wanted to get into wine, so I was lucky enough to get a job at Aragon shortly after it opened. I slowly started knowing more about wine and customer service.

IN: Why wine?
RUSHING: I've always been interested in it. When I was 16, I really appreciated wine. I decided to go into cooking, and now I feel like I'm comfortable enough in the business.

IN: What's particularly important to know in the wine business?
RUSHING: You have to study all the time because wine changes all the time. You really have to stay on it -- whether it's reading magazines or other sources. A lot of times customers come in and just want to talk about wine, and it helps having a background.

IN: What makes you successful at your job?
RUSHING: Studying the products and trying to go out of my way to make people happy and want to come back. We try to make people happy whether they are buying an $800 bottle or $8 bottle of wine.

IN: What do you recommend?
RUSHING: We just got Tres Picos in stock, which is a very good and popular wine. The last time it sold out right away.

IN: What should people look for in a wine?
RUSHING: It really just depends on what they like. I really suggest to people to try something different. If they like something like a chardonnay, maybe they could try a new blend. A variety is always good.

IN: Are you originally from here?
RUSHING: I moved here in 2000 and moved away in 2004. I came back in 2008.

IN: What is your relationship like with your co-workers?
RUSHING: Right now it's just the owner Charlotte Gordon and me. We get along really well, and I think that reflects in our customer service. We both share the same common goal: happy customers. I think that's what makes Aragon different; you always get that type of treatment and find a great selection that is always changing.

Aragon Wine Market
27 South Ninth Avenue
433-WINE or 433-9463