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BOOKS | Vol. 7, No. 40, October 4, 2007
('Threshold of Hell' Journey Complete)

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Beer Is The Answer...

by Joani Delezen

Beer Is The Answer...
Ray Foley
224 pages

I wish Ray Foley was my drinking buddy. Not because he's the publisher of Bartender magazine. Or because he wrote "Bartending for Dummies."

Don't get me wrong, those things are awesome. I want to hang out with Foley because he knows a ton of bar jokes and random booze inspired quotes.  Thanks to his new book "Beer Is the Answer...I Don't Remember the Question"  I can now get in on the drunk banter action.

Foley has pulled together an incomparable and hilarious collection of over 1,000 bar jokes, quotes and cartoons.  With clever quips like "I saw a sign that said Drink Canada Dry, so Ive started,"  happy hour is bound to be a lot happier.

Bottom Line: Buy it, quote it and watch your bar popularity rise.