Pensacola, Florida
Monday December 17th 2018


The Smart Brothers Return

IN Readers’ Reigning “Best Band” Set To Release New Album
By Rob “Bubbs” Harris

The Smart Brothers have come a long way, and ventured off even further, in the past four or five years since they started doling out their infectious brand of indie folk to the masses. This September, the Pensacola boys, by way of California, are ready to unveil their latest collection of musical magic: “Make It Last.”

The festivities kick off with a record release show in Pensacola, which sets off a string of tour dates that will have our guys traveling far and wide to share their love and passion for music with as many people as they can before returning home.

Jay Smart was kind enough to field a few questions about the album and who he thinks should win IN’s coveted “Best Band” award in this year’s Best of the Coast poll.

IN: You’re getting ready to release a new album. Is this your first full-length, or are there more floating around somewhere?
Smart: Actually, we have done a couple records before this one, but they haven’t been as sharply produced as this one. We are very excited to see how the new album fares with longtime fans, as well as those who might be hearing us for the first time.

IN: You were voted “Best Band” last year in our annual Best of the Coast poll. Are you looking to retain your title this year, and has that gone to your head at all?
Smart: It certainly is an honor to have the good people of Pensacola consider us the best band. When we started doing this four or five years ago, we just wanted folks to hear us. I suppose they liked what they heard, and we could not be more grateful. It hasn’t gone to our heads at all. If anything, it makes us strive to better ourselves to maintain the trust of our loyal fans.

IN: There are a lot of good bands in Pensacola. If you could choose one for “Best Band” this year, who would it be?
Smart: I really like Mr. Fahrenheit a lot. They have a unique sound and a groove to them that cannot be matched. They are also really nice and talented people. I try to catch them live every chance I get.

IN: What are the plans for the upcoming tour? Also, what do you have planned for the album release show?
Smart: We are doing the record release show at the Pensacola Little Theatre. We’ve never played there before and it looks like a cool spot. We’re having our good friends, Roper Electric, play with us in Pensacola. They are a big family, like us, and have a cool style that will make for a great show. After that, we are headed out to do a bunch of dates at several colleges and then out to California, our second home, to wrap up the tour. It is going to be a lot of fun, and we’re very excited.

IN: Good luck with the tour and the new album. Thanks for shooting the breeze with us.
Smart: Thank you, and a big “thanks” to Pensacola for all of the support. We do this for you and couldn’t do it any other way. Thank you so much!

WHEN: 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 2
WHERE: Pensacola Little Theatre, 400 S. Jefferson St.
COST: $5, all ages