Pensacola, Florida
Friday June 22nd 2018


Blog Roll

If you’ve ever bookmarked a recipe (bonus points for never actually making it), drooled over a photo of someone else’s lunch or based your restaurant choice on a raving review, you’re probably a fan of food blogs. We are too. Here’s a list of our favorite places to kill time while indulging our inner foodie.
What do you get when a food stylist and food photographer team up to blog recipes? A blog that makes everything looking amazingly tasty—even shaved beetroot salad with sweet champagne vinaigrette. You can also follow them on Instagram if you want to get extra hungry.
Hannah Queen is a Georgia based baker and photographer. There are muffins, cakes and tarts a plenty on her blog, which is food heaven for anyone who loves baked goods and gorgeous photos of said baked goods.

Oh Joy Eats—part of
Lifestyle blogger Joy Cho has a sweet tooth and she’s not afraid to blog about it. She’ll have you craving cupcakes and milkshakes at least once a week. She’s also got a few really fun columns like “Oh Joy Eats Lunch With” and “Oh Joy Eats” where she reviews restaurants (mostly in her home-base LA).
An online recipe journal that’s unique because the blogger behind it, Heidi, travels a lot. She’s into fresh, healthy foods, so the recipes include tons of fruits, veggies and herbs.
Not exactly a “blog” but still worth bookmarking, the “What we’re cooking” pin-board for local spot The Magnolia is full of photos and descriptions of their specials—which change regularly. If you start following it, you’ll probably be in there for dinner at least once a week we bet.
This blog is perfect for the traveling foodie because it features restaurant reviews from various cities, including a lot of New Orleans spots (since one of the “nomads” lives there).
Did you know that Jaco’s chef Tricia Horton has a blog? Neither did we until recently, but we’re glad we stumbled upon it. Her recipe for cilantro tomato corn relish alone is worth putting the blog on your to read list.
A Texan moves to New York City and decides to blog about what she misses from home—the food, of course. A perfect blog for fans of BBQ, fried chicken, and Tex-Mex.
Michelle, the Brown Eyed Baker, posts mostly about baked goods, but ventures into comfort foods and appetizers as well. Her recipes are easy to follow, so if you actually want to try and cook what you see, this is a good place to start.
Esquire magazine’s Eat Like a Man blog isn’t just for men, despite its name. But it is pretty man friendly and meat heavy, so vegetarians might not find too much except for the drink recipes—which are pretty great too, actually. Here’s an example of a recent post that had us reading, laughing and cooking: “6 Better Things to Do with Eggs This Weekend.”