Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 26th 2018


Winners & Losers 6/14/12


David Stafford
The Escambia County supervisor of elections will return to office for a third term. Stafford, the outgoing president of the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections, has earned the respect and trust of the voters. Supervisor of Elections David Stafford, a Republican, is the only Escambia County constitutional officer to not garner opposition. A fine testimony for a solid public official.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos
Seven Wahoo players have been named to the Southern League’s South Division All-Star squad. Starting pitcher Daniel Corcino and closer Donnie Joseph, in addition to infielders Joel Guzman and Henry Rodriguez as well as outfielder Ryan LaMarre, were initially picked for the team. The league later added shortstop Didi Gregorius and pitcher J.C. Sulbaran to the squad. The contest will be held on June 19 at Smokies Park in Kodak, Tenn.

E.W. Bullock Associates
The social media tourism marketing efforts conducted by the former ad agency for Visit Pensacola were recognized as a runner-up in Travel + Leisure® magazine’s first-ever Social Media in Travel + Tourism Awards. Visit Pensacola was honored for its original 3-Minute Adventures series, which showcases authentic views of the Pensacola Bay Area by utilizing first-person point-of-view videos aimed at boosting tourism.


Pensacola Museum of Art
Five members of the museum’s executive committee resigned recently after board of trustees voted 9-8 against firing Executive Director Sonya Davis, who has led the museum for three years. The executive committee members, Joe Zarzaur, David Bear, Wright Moulton, Andrew Rothfeder and Teresa Dos Santos, agreed among themselves to not make statements to the press, but Davis has announced that they will have an independent audit of the PMA finances to clear any doubts about its operations.

Big Unions
The recall election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was an important test of the political powers of the national labor unions. The unions did almost as badly as Escambia County School District did on the FCAT tests. Walker posted a seven-point victory—garnering 53 percent of the vote, which is nearly the same margin by which he won the governorship in 2010. Though unions spent millions to defeat him, exit polling showed 38 percent of union voters chose Walker.

Sherri Myers
Last month, the Pensacola city councilwoman threatened to sue the mayor if he didn’t retract his memo regarding council communications with city employees. The memo hasn’t been retracted. The ball is definitely in Myers’ court.