Pensacola, Florida
Monday June 18th 2018


My Pensacola—Austin Enfinger

Name: Austin Enfinger aka @TheCuchillo on Twitter.
Day Job: Writer and drinker for hire, but Simoniz Car Wash pays my bills.
Pensacola Resident Since: Birth—May of 1982.

Good Eats: Being a Gulf Coast boy, I love my seafood, and the two best spots in town are Peg Leg Pete’s on the Beach, and the Fish House downtown. Get your crab leg fill at Peg’s and your Grits a Ya Ya domination at Fish House. If it’s a Tuesday night, step next door to Atlas Oyster House for half-price sushi. Or keep things simple with soup and a sandwich at New Yorker Deli.

Retail Therapy: I buy my booze at Richey’s East downtown. I do my grocery shopping at Apple Market on Scenic Highway. I’m pretty simple in the retail department, but I’ll plug my employer, Simoniz Car Wash one last time to hopefully get a pay raise.

Watering Holes: Don’t want to leave East Hill? Chug beers at Wisteria. Want our hometown frozen deliciousness, the Bushwacker? Have a rager at the Sandshaker. Want live music and the two best bartenders in town? End O’ the Alley at Seville is your only option. And while you’re there, ask for my drink: The Austin. I can be found at any of these spots on the reg.

Nightlife: If you absolutely-positively-without-a-doubt want to get completely trashed and dance your sweet little ass off, go to Emerald City on a Saturday night. Ten dollar drink and drown will ruin or, perhaps, immortalize you. Make it happen. If you want to enjoy the salt-air, take it to Flounders and knockout a few Diesel Fuels.

Outdoors: It’s Pensacola, so we have to mention the beach! There just isn’t anyway around it. If you’re a runner, like me, downtown along Palafox and Bayfront Parkway is impossible to beat. And, of course, now we have the Wahoos and that amazing Community Maritime Park. Get out for a game, ASAP!

Arts & Culture: I get all my art and culture at Famous Gabe’s Hula Moon Tattoos & Piercing. There are no better artists in town, period. If you haven’t let Mr. Smith, Carrie, Darren, or Lo put some permanent art on you yet, then you aren’t living. And while you’re there, make sure you have Special Ed prick you with something (I’m talking about body jewelry, get your mind out of the gutter).

Never Miss Events/Festivals: The Mullet Toss at the Flora-Bama is always must-see. Check it out the last weekend of every April. And to add in a little shameless self-promotion, I never miss a Stones Saturday. It’s a holiday the last Saturday of every month that some friends and me created where all you do is listen to the Rolling Stones all day and get plastered. Come enjoy it with us!