Pensacola, Florida
Monday June 18th 2018


Tom Muldowney and Bekah Griffith

Age: Both: 26
Day Job: Bekah: Server at Jerry’s Cajun Café and an aspiring photographer. Tom: Film editor.
Resident Since: 1994 Tom: Lives in England
Dating Since: October 13, 2009
Tom was out of the country for their interview, so all questions were answered by Bekah.

Who proposed to who?
He proposed to me.

How did he do it?
While we were teaching in South Korea, he proposed to me in tallest building in Seoul.

About your first kiss—who kissed who?
We kissed each other while we were out at a club in South Korea.

Name two things you agree on.
We always get candy bars when we’re out shopping. We also always agree on TV shows.

Name two things you disagree on.
We can disagree on food. I’m a vegetarian but Tom eats meat. Tom also likes nerdy superhero movies, but I just can’t get into them.

If your relationship was a board game, which one would it be?
Life. We were actually going to make a stop motion video of the game for our wedding invitation.

If you had to have a themed wedding, what theme would you pick?
I would pick country vintage.

What’s the one thing you absolutely don’t want at your wedding or reception?
I can’t stand the “Cupid Shuffle.”

What’s one thing you absolutely must have at your wedding?
Definitely a s’mores bar!

What is more important to you—the ceremony or the reception?
The ceremony.

What will your first dance song be?
“Strangers” by the Kinks. That’s our song.

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page? and

Let’s say you’re at an open bar wedding—what’s he drinking?
He’d drink Strongbow, a cider.

What would you be drinking?
I’ll drink anything, I’m not picky.

If you could have any band/musician/DJ/pop star in the world (alive or dead) play your wedding, who would it be?
Frank Turner, he’s a British songwriter. We’ve actually been to see him in concert.

Why do you deserve a free wedding?
Because we’re really poor. (She laughs) But really, it would relieve stress and lessens the expenses. Visas are expensive.

How are you going to campaign and get out the vote?
I was thinking about making flyers or business cards. I’m also part of an advice forum online for people trying to move to Europe, so I would ask that community to help us. I might even buy a Facebook ad.

If you don’t win the free wedding, when will you tie the knot?
October 13, 2012, on our 3 year anniversary, in Florala, Ala.

Have you ever won anything else exciting like this before?
We once won a pound (Roughly $1.50) on a scratch ticket once. People are crazy about gambling in the UK.