Pensacola, Florida
Monday April 23rd 2018


Corey Coates and Sarah Slomski

Age: Corey: 30 Sarah: 25
Day Job: Sarah: personnel psychologist for the Navy Corey: student at UWF
Resident Since: Both: 2009
Dating Since: 2008

Who proposed to who?
Sarah: He proposed to me.

How did he do it?
Sarah: He surprised me at home one night.
Corey: I don’t surprise her very often. I skipped my night class the day after Valentine’s Day and moved my car so Sarah wouldn’t know I had skipped. I made a runway of candles to the bedroom, where I waited with our song (‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon) playing in the background. It was three years exactly after our first date.

Name two things you agree on.
Sarah: We both would rather spend money on adventures than material things.
Corey: Yeah, we just recently went backpacking.
Sarah: And our families, up in Wisconsin, are very important to us.

Name two things you disagree on.
Sarah: Corey doesn’t mind large crowds.
Corey: Yeah, Sarah is more quiet.
Sarah: Corey is more of a cat person, I like dogs.
Corey: But I like dogs, I don’t want to go on record as not liking dogs! (They laugh)

If your relationship was a board game, which one would it be?
Sarah: Scrabble, because we build off of each other.
Corey: Well that’s boring, why not Battleship? (He laughs)

If you had to have a themed wedding, what theme would you pick?
Sarah: Maybe sports themed?
Corey: Yeah, you could wear a cheerleading costume.

What’s the one you absolutely don’t want at your wedding or reception?
Sarah: I just tried baba ghanoush for the first time and I hated it. No baba ghanoush.

What’s one thing you absolutely must have at your wedding?
Corey: A live band is a must.

What is more important to you—the ceremony or the reception?
Corey: The reception.
Sarah: The ceremony. We can have a party at any point.

What will your first dance song be?
Both: ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page? and

Let’s say you’re at an open bar wedding—what’s she drinking? And him?
Sarah: A good beer.
Corey: A martini – one that doesn’t taste like alcohol.

If you could have any band/musician/DJ/pop star in the world (alive or dead) play your wedding, who would it be?
Corey: Kings of Leon. But we liked them before they were cool.

Why do you deserve a free wedding?
Corey: Pensacola is very important to us as a couple, but our families would not be able to afford to come down.
Sarah: With the resources we’d save, they could be here for our wedding.

How are you going to campaign and get out the vote?
Corey: I’ll be doing a lot of marketing, I’m sure.

If you don’t win the free wedding, when will you tie the knot?
Corey: We’ll have a ceremony this year in Pensacola, with a reception back home in Wisconsin next summer for our family.

Have you ever won anything else exciting like this before?
Sarah: No, we’re not big on sweepstakes usually.