Pensacola, Florida
Friday April 20th 2018


Daniel Harmon and Amanda Lord

Age: Amanda: 29 Daniel: 22
Day Job: Amanda: Anchor Clinic Daniel: Lowe’s. Both are full-time students at UWF.
Resident Since: Amanda: 1980 Daniel: I was born here but moved with my Navy father for 20 years and have been back since 2010.
Dating Since: 2010

Who proposed to who?
Amanda: Dan proposed to me.

How did he do it?
Amanda: He took me to the beach and we drank wine as the sun set. When he pulled out the ring, I threw it down and hugged him.

About your first kiss—who kissed who?
Daniel: She kissed me.

Name two things you agree on.
Amanda: We both like to spend our summers seeing bands on tour and spending our weekends on Pensacola Beach.

Name two things you disagree on.
Amanda: Having our dog in the bed. Dan likes it. We have a giant pit bull.
Daniel: She likes pineapple on her pizza and I hate it.

If your relationship was a board game, which one would it be?
Amanda: Twister, because everything we do works around each other.

If you had to have a themed wedding, what theme would you pick?
An enchanted garden theme.

What’s the one thing you absolutely don’t want at your wedding or reception?
Dan: A bad DJ.

What’s the one thing you absolutely must have at your wedding?
Amanda: All of the special people in our lives. We have a guest list we’re really looking forward to.

What is more important to you—the ceremony or the reception?
Daniel: The reception.
Amanda: We want a short ceremony with a kickin’ reception.

What will your first dance song be?
Amanda: ‘I Love You More than You’ll Ever Know’ by Gary Moore.

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page? and

Let’s say you’re at an open bar wedding—what’s she drinking? And him?
Amanda: Dan drinks Jack Daniels honey and ginger.
Daniel: Cherry vodka and Sprite.

If you could have any band/musician/DJ/pop star in the world (alive or dead) play your wedding, who would it be?
Both: Pink Floyd.

Why do you deserve a free wedding?
Amanda: Because we’re happy and in love. (Both laugh) We feel like it’s our year.
Daniel: We’re students, so it’s hard to save for a wedding.

How are you going to campaign and get out the vote?
Amanda: We’re going to get people to vote at Dan’s birthday party.
Daniel: We have a big family so I know we can get them to vote for us. Amanda: And Dan has a cousin that works at Revolver, so we’re going to try to get him involved.

If you don’t win the free wedding, when will you tie the knot?
Amanda: As soon as we graduate, so probably 2014.

Have you ever won anything else exciting like this before?
(Both laugh) Amanda: No, never. We don’t have the best of luck.