Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 19th 2018


Jeff Tyler and Heidi Jo Medina

Age: Jeff: 25   Heidi Jo: 24
Day Job: Jeff: Assistant Manager at Pinch-a-Penny   Heidi Jo: Full-time nanny, coach at Pensacola High School and freelance model.
Pensacola Resident Since:  Jeff: 2006  Heidi Jo: 2004
Dating Since: August 21, 2008

Who proposed to who?
Jeff popped the question.

How did he do it?
Jeff: I proposed on a cruise three years ago.
Heidi Jo: We’re actually on our way to a cruise now.

About your first kiss—who kissed who?
Jeff: I kissed her first.

Name two things you agree on.
Heidi Jo: Politics and our futures.

Name two you disagree on.
Heidi Jo: (laughs) Only two things? Closet space and how many times I should go shopping.

If your relationship was a board game—which one would be it? Who would win?
Heidi Jo: Scrabble! I always win. We used to play all the time, but not anymore because he never wins.

If you had to have a themed wedding, what would you pick?
Heidi Jo: Star Wars. He’s my Hans Solo.

What’s the one thing you absolutely don’t want at your wedding or reception?
Heidi Jo: No chicken dance, no “Cupid Shuffle” and no cake on my face!

What’s the one thing your wedding absolutely must have?
Heidi Jo: I’m Asian, so I really want karaoke. (Laughs) We have to have it.

What will your first dance song be?
Jeff: “Crash” by Dave Matthews Band

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page?
Twitter: @heyheidijo and

Let’s say you’re at an open bar wedding—what’s she drinking? And him?
Heidi Jo: I know this! Landshark or Crown and coke.
Jeff: Vodka and cranberry.

If you could have any band/musician/dj or pop star in the world (dead or alive) who would be?
Jeff: Bassnectar
Heidi Jo: The Beatles

Why do you deserve a free wedding?
Heidi Jo: We reflect Pensacola. We’ve had to wait so long. It’s frustrating to see people getting married and asking us “Are ya’ll ever going to get married?” Now, we finally have the chance to do it.

How are you going to campaign and get out the vote?
Heidi Jo: We’ll probably send our love story to everyone we know. I’m not going to go up to random people.

If you don’t win the free wedding, when will you tie the knot? Where?
Heidi Jo: We’re hoping to do it sometime in 2013. Probably Seville Quarter, since that’s where we met. We’re more courtyard at Apple Annie’s than Heritage Hall.

Have you ever won anything else exciting before?
Heidi Jo: No, except for pageants.