Pensacola, Florida
Sunday April 22nd 2018


Christopher Eubanks and Arienne Ates

Age: Christopher: 26  Arienne: 25
Day Job: Christopher: Mobile automotive paint repair  Arienne: Nail Tech at Still Waters Day & Medical Spa
Pensacola Resident Since:  Christopher: 2007  Arienne: Whole life
Dating Since: December 2010

Who proposed to who?
Christopher proposed.

How did he do it?
Christopher: We were just sitting on the couch. It was a typical Tuesday night.
Arienne: He had the ring on his finger the whole time and then he told me to close my eyes. I thought he was going to put our dog’s paw in my hand, but I felt the cold metal on my finger.

About your first kiss—who kissed who?
Christopher: She kissed me first. I was asleep. (Both laugh)

Name two things you agree on.
Christopher: Everything.
Arienne: Food!

Name two you disagree on.
Christopher: Scheduling and planning things.
Arienne: He doesn’t pull his belts out of his pants when he puts them in the hamper. And he doesn’t push that chair back into the dining table.
Christopher: She doesn’t wash dishes.

If you had to have a themed wedding, what would you pick?
Arienne: Crawfish or western theme.

What’s the one thing you absolutely don’t want at your wedding or reception?
Arienne: Cake in the face? Not so much.
Christopher: No “Cha Cha Slide” or the “Macarena.”
Arienne: I like the “Macarena.”

What’s the one thing your wedding absolutely must have?
Christopher: Open bar for sure.
Arienne: Live music and it has to be outside.

What’s more important to you, the ceremony or the reception?
Christopher: The reception. That’s where all the fun is at. At the ceremony, you’re nervous.

What will your first dance song be?
Arienne: I was thinking “Stanky Leg,” that’s the first song I saw Chris dance to.

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page? and

Let’s say you’re at an open bar wedding—what’s she drinking? And him?
Christopher: We both like Southern Comfort.  Arienne: Fish House punch.
Christopher: Miller Lite, Bud Light and Yuengling.

If you could have any band/musician/dj or pop star in the world (dead or alive) who would be?
Arienne: ZZ Top might be fun.
Christopher: I might have a beard grown by then.

Why do you deserve a free wedding?
Arienne: Instead of the tradition where the bride’s parents pay for the wedding, I’ll be paying for the wedding with Chris’ help. It would lift a heavy burden.

How are you going to campaign and get out the vote?

Christopher: Interact with friends, network. We’re not going to go out door-to-door like politicians.

If you don’t win the free wedding, when will you tie the knot?
Christopher: Spring 2014. Arienne: Maybe 2015.

Have you ever won anything else exciting before?
Christopher: We go to the casino and every now and then and play the lottery once a month, but we win nothing.