Pensacola, Florida
Saturday October 20th 2018


My Pensacola—Georgia Adams Langerfeld

Name: Georgia Adams Langerfeld
Day Job: Copy Editor at the Pensacola News Journal
Pensacola Resident Since: Born here in 1983, moved to Milton, Fla. when I was 15, and moved back to Pensacola two years ago

Good Eats: I’m a huge fan of sushi from Horizen Sushi Restaurant. I lived in Japan for a year when I was in college, so I’m pretty picky about my sushi, but Horizen always hits the spot. Skipping continents, I love our taco nights at work, when we mosey over to Nacho Daddies on Palafox for an order of house nachos, or, my favorite, a veggie quesadilla add chicken. They use an awesome blend of vegetables that really makes their veggie items stand out. And getting away from downtown, I also have to give a huge shout-out to Goat Lips Deli. They’ve got great food and free Wi-Fi, so it’s a great studying hangout.

Retail Therapy: I’m a bargain hunter, so I love hitting up Ross, TJ Maxx and Beall’s Outlet stores when I’m looking for clothes. And even though we rent, I love working in the yard, so I spend a fair amount of my dinero at Home Depot. And honestly, when I really feel the need to shop but I don’t want to blow my budget, I hit up any Dollar Tree. I can walk out with all kinds of weird stuff for less than 10 bucks.

Watering Holes: I really love the atmosphere and attitude at The Magnolia, and I also adore The Elbow Room. I’m not much of a partier, so the laid-back atmosphere at both these places is great. Plus, I’m (tragically!) allergic to beer, so the selection of ciders and wines at these places is great.

Nightlife: Honestly, most of the time I’m just as happy at home watching Netflix, but when I do go out I like to be somewhere I can hear my friends talk, like sipping glasses of wine at The Wine Bar. For the times I do feel like dancing, I haven’t found anywhere that could beat Emerald City for a stress-free dance party.

Outdoors: Palafox Pier is really awesome, and I love that it’s so easy to get to. I also really love canoeing, though I don’t get to do it too often. If you’re looking for a real adventure, hit up the zip line at Adventures Unlimited in Milton, Fla.

Arts & Culture: I like to try to catch productions at the University of West Florida whenever I can. I work nights and weekends, so I don’t get to see many of the things the town has to offer. There have been a ton of classical concerts at the Saenger Theatre that I’ve wanted to see. Someday. I do like strolling Gallery Nights on my dinner breaks from work, as there are always cool performers playing on Palafox, like my friend Tanya Gallagher.

Never Miss Events/Festivals: I’ve been to every Festival on the Green for the past three or four years. I love the mix of art, history and culture it provides. For everything else, my work schedule dictates whether I can make it, but I love to get out when I can. The Seafood Festival and the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival are both stellar.