Pensacola, Florida
Sunday July 22nd 2018


Film: Going the Distance


How far are you willing to travel to see September’s latest romantic comedy, opening Friday, September 3?

Variety magazine says Going the Distance is “A bicoastal comedy with a bit of a bipolar disorder. While mostly free of overt gross-out moments, this uneven effort saddles its likable leads, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, with the kind of verbally exaggerated sexual humor that not only comes off as embarrassingly strained and calculated, but also compromises what the picture genuinely wants to be – a sweet, sincere look at the often-competing priorities of work and romance.”

“To be honest, the only way the film could have sounded even less enticing would have been if I had found out that Nicolas Cage was in it, with Danny DeVito as his comedy sidekick friend. Thankfully, none of these things happened and, despite all my fears, Going the Distance, helmed by Nanette Burstein (On The Ropes), is an entertaining movie. No, really.” – David Schwartz,

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