Pensacola, Florida
Monday April 23rd 2018


Game Changers Redefine Pensacola

Interviews by Jennie McKeon and  T.S. Strickland
Photos by Samantha Crooke

As the Pensacola Greater area continues to reach its potential, leaders have stepped forward to help. The list includes scientists, a pastor, a retired vice admiral, even a beer aficionado. All of which are passionate about making this community a great place to live for residents and an attractive place for new businesses.

What’s even more important about these game changers is that they’re never done improving this area. There’s always a new project, museum or restaurant in the works furthering Pensacola’s progression. Without these game changers thinking ahead and out of the box, Pensacola would just be another spot on a map. Because of this list of people (and plenty more) the Greater Pensacola area will continue to advance.

Joe Abston
Blaise Adams
Matthew Altier
David Bear
Dana Bledsoe
Michael Carro
Marianne Estess
Donna Fassett
Ken Ford
Vice Admiral Gerry Hoewing
Brian Hooper
Rev. LuTimothy May
Dr. Ed Meadows
Pensacola Blue Wahoos
Justin Pierce
Megan Pratt
Andrew Rothfeder
Rishy Studer
Think Beyond Pensacola
Mike and Bill Wein