Pensacola, Florida
Monday June 18th 2018


My Penscola—Andrea Krieger Farage

Name:  Andrea Krieger Farage
Day Job: CEO/President of United Way of Escambia County
Pensacola Resident Since: 1992

Good Eats: There are so many wonderful restaurants in Pensacola. For casual dining with great ambiance and good service, I love Jaco’s. For meetings and just a casual evening with friends or peers, I enjoy sampling great wine and interesting cheeses at the Wine Bar on Palafox. If I really want to get my feel of wonderful food, great company, exceptional ambiance and good local entertainment, I have to head to the deck at the Fish House. Their Hiromi Futomaki sushi roll makes my mouth water!

Retail Therapy: There must be something wrong with the “woman in me” because I hate to shop! I like tractor stores, farm equipment and tack shops a whole lot more than the dress boutiques. Sorry!

Watering Holes: Wine Bar rocks!

Nightlife: My couch with a good book!

Outdoors: Okay, I have to say that our new Wahoo stadium is to die for and we are blessed to have committed leaders who made it happen; but, if I am going to enjoy our outdoors, there is nothing better than the Riverwalk and Adventures Unlimited in Milton, Fla.

Arts & Culture: Believe it or not, the tractor-lovin’ chickee in me loves the Pensacola Opera! It is just so big!

Never Miss Events/Festivals: Day of Caring—what better event could there be than 1,100 volunteers sweating, painting, smiling, laughing and enjoying making a difference in our community!