Pensacola, Florida
Monday October 14th 2019


Pensacola on the Small Screen, Again

It seems that the producers of “American Pickers” can’t get enough of Pensacola. After Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, the stars of the popular History Channel show came to Pensacola in early 2011, the producers came back for yet another picking adventure.

The adventure being a new show titled, “Picked Off.” The six-part competition series that gives amateur pickers the chance to show off their eye for antiques.

“In December of 2011, Maria Goldberg our marketing director, who had worked with the producers on the Pickers show, received a call – the same group was creating a brand new reality/picker show and was hoping that we may be able to help them out by hosting a casting call at the Fish House,” said Collier Merrill, president of the Great Southern Restaurant Group. “We were more than happy to do so – we had a huge turnout, about 200 showed up to be interviewed by the producers.”

Each episode of “Picked Off” will be filmed in a different location and producers didn’t waste time choosing Pensacola as a location.

“To get the call, well that was just great,” Merrill said.  “Coming off of the oil spill, a slowed down economy – anything that would bring attention to Pensacola and show off just how beautiful Pensacola is, would be a great thing.”

Merrill and his brothers, Burney and Will, all struck up a friendship with the “American Pickers” producers when they first visited the area. But that’s not the only reason they choose to cast and film here.

“They wanted to come back to Pensacola for a number of reasons, but most importantly because they felt that Pensacola had a wonderful sense of community,” Merrill said.  “In the creation of this new show, it was important that the filming locations had all of the elements that they were looking for: collectable items, a great atmosphere and of course, friendly people.  Pensacola just happened to check off all of the boxes for them, we are glad it did.”

“Picked Off” premiered  July 11 at  on History Channel. Tomorrow, the episode will feature picks all around Florida and the Merrill brothers will judge finds from a local estate sale. On Wednesday, July 25 the show will feature the East Hill garage sale that was put together by Merrill and Goldberg. The garage sale showcased local names such as Elodie Cardon and David Alexander of La Maison d’Elodie, Dan Lindeman of A & J Mugs, Ellen Vinson, Randy McKenzie and Guy Gascard.

“The mass garage sale featured a quite a bit: antiques, cookbooks, clothes, lamps, vintage posters, books, taxidermy and bicycles. There was a little something there for everyone,” Merrill said.  “There were four teams of two, each looking for something they thought would get the greatest return on their investment.  Tune in on Wednesday the 25th and see what they walked away with.”

Keep watching “American Pickers” and “Picked Off.” Who knows? Pensacola might be featured again.

“I think they came back to Pensacola because, like many people, once you visit it’s hard not to come back,” Merrill said. “The weather, the people, and the quality of life – it’s a great place to be.”



WHEN: 9 p.m. July 18 and July 25 on History Channel