Pensacola, Florida
Monday May 28th 2018


Winners & Losers 7/19/12

Jack Kichler
A charter member of the Gulf Coast Citizen Diplomacy Council and long-serving board member passed away on July 11. Dr. Kichler was the group’s first home hospitality host, volunteering to feed international visitors even before GCCDC had officially been accepted into the International Visitor Leadership Program network. He will be missed locally and internationally.

A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence
The little inner-city school has fought all year against Superintendent Malcolm Thomas, School Board Member Jeff Bergosh and the district administration to stay open. School officials were routinely chastised and browbeaten at school board meetings. The school grades for 2012 show that A.A. Dixon had the greatest improvement of any school in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, despite the FCAT being tougher. Two district schools had their scores fall below the charter school.

Gulf Power Communications
Gulf Power Company won recently 12 awards at the Utility Communicators International Better Communications Competition. The competition judged utilities’ public and employee information programs. Gulf Power’s advertising, direct mail and social media programs all won awards, including the “Best of the Best” award. The international competition included 28 utilities from the U.S. and Canada and more entries than in any previous year.


Fraternal Order of Police
The recent letter from the city police union regarding a “No Confidence” vote for Mayor Ashton Hayward’s chief of staff is highly suspect. The vote happened a month earlier. The FOP president said that it had nothing to do with his union’s contract negotiations and that the chief of staff had not sat in on any of the negotiation meetings. The union claimed it supports Hayward. And, by the way, the Pensacola Police Department falls under the city administrator in the chain of command and it’s him, not the chief of staff, who reports on them to mayor. Something smells downtown and we can no longer blame the sewer plant.

Escambia School District Administration
The Escambia County Public School District is ranked 52 out of 68 districts in Florida. Its 463 points earned the district a “C” grade with only 52 percent of its students reading and performing math at satisfactory levels or higher. Okaloosa and Santa Rosa counties got “A” grades and are ranked 6th and 7th respectively with only two points separating them. In Malcolm Thomas’ three years as superintendent of Escambia County schools, the district has earned two “C’s” and one “B.”

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