Pensacola, Florida
Friday February 22nd 2019


A&E Picks 8/2/12

Don’t Miss Out…
On one of your last chances to see local band Isle before they go on a temporary hiatus until the holidays. Also on the bill Saturday night at Sluggo’s are Pioneers! O Pioneers! and Jonni Greth.  (8/4)

Admit It Already
You know you want to see pop singer and newly minted TV host, Kelly Clarkson in person and sing along with “Stronger” at the top of your lungs. Get your guilty pleasure fix Monday at The Wharf. or (8/6)

Blog It, Then Book It
Another offering from a blogger turned author has hit bookshelves in the form of “Cupcakes and Cashmere.” So if “outfits, recipes, how to or decor” are your thing, you’ll probably dig Emily Schuman and her take on all those topics.