Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday June 20th 2018


Pay & Duties

U.S. Senator
Salary: $174,000
Duties: Senator represents the state of Florida and has the authority to draft and vote on laws deemed necessary and proper granted they do not violate the U.S. Constitution. Laws passed by the Senate must also be ratified by the House of Representatives and signed by the President. The Senate has powers that are exclusive to that body including ratification of Treaties and consenting to the appointment of federal judges, cabinet members, certain federal officers and military officers.

Public Defender
Salary: $150,077
Duties: The Public Defender’s Office is responsible for providing legal counsel, when appointed by the court, to those accused of criminal offenses who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. The office can be appointed to defend individuals charged with felonies, misdemeanors, or criminal traffic offenses in the circuit and county courts. It also defends children charged in Juvenile Court, and individuals facing involuntary commitment for mental treatment under the Baker Act.

State Representative
Salary:  $29,687
Duties: The Florida House of Representatives is the lower house of the Florida Legislature. The House is composed of 120 members representing an equal number of districts. Each representative represents his district in passing state laws and approving the state budget.

Circuit Judge
Salary:  $142,178
Duties: Circuit courts have general trial jurisdiction over matters not assigned by statute to the county courts and also hear appeals from county court cases. The circuit courts are simultaneously the highest trial courts and the lowest appellate courts in Florida’s judicial system

Clerk of Court
Salary-Escambia: $129,805
Santa Rosa: $118,287
Duties: The Clerk of Court is responsible for the coordination of jurors, swearing in court witnesses and recording evidence presented at trial. Any fines, fees or assessments are collected by the clerk. He maintains and preserves the official documents and records of the county. In Escambia County, the clerk is also the county’s chief financial officer and custodian of county funds.

Salary-Escambia: $138,401
Santa Rosa: $126,883
Duties: The Sheriff has a duty to enforce both the Florida Constitution and Florida state laws and statutes, and to provide for the security, safety and well-being of its citizens. This is accomplished through the delivery of law enforcement services, the operation of the county jail, and the provision of court security.

Supervisor of Elections
Salary-Escambia: $111,303
Santa Rosa: $100,333
Duties: The Supervisor of Elections administers federal, state, county, municipal and special district elections and all voter registration activities in accordance with the Florida and federal election laws.

Property Appraiser
Salary-Escambia: $129,805
Santa Rosa: $118,287
Duties: The Property Appraiser assesses all property located within the county, except inventory, whether such property is taxable, wholly or partially exempt, or subject to classification reflection a value less than its just value at its present highest and best use.

Tax Collector
Salary-Escambia: $129,805
Santa Rosa: $118,287
Duties: The Tax Collector is an independent agent for various state and local government agencies, for the collection of revenue and public funding. It is the responsibility of the tax collector to invest these revenues and funds, pending their timely distribution, to various state, local agencies, and taxing authorities.

Superintendent of Schools
Salary-Escambia: $129,805
Santa Rosa: $118,287
Duties: The Superintendent is the chief executive officer of the school board and the chief administrator of the district.

School Board
Salary-Escambia: $35,773
Santa Rosa: $32,450
Duties: The School Board is the body responsible for formulating policy for the school district. The board approves the budget, personnel decisions and disciplinary decisions regarding students that are recommended by the superintendent.

County Commissioner
Salary-Escambia: $73,531
Santa Rosa: $58,581
Duties:  The board approves the county budget, adopts local ordinances and resolutions and establishes policies that govern the county and insure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

ECUA Board
Salary: $35,773
Duties: The Board sets policy and approves the budget of the Emerald Coast Utility Authority.

Pensacola City Council
Salary: $13,998.14
Duties: The City Council adopts ordinances and resolutions. It also adopts the annual budget and all other appropriations and has the power to inquire into the conduct of any municipal office, department, agency or officer and to investigate municipal affairs.