Pensacola, Florida
Friday May 25th 2018


Full Escambia County Candidate Questionnaires

Incumbent  (I), No Response (NR)

Public Defender 1st Judicial Circuit

Candidate: Bruce A. Miller

Occupation: Attorney, private practice
Why are you seeking office: I have a passion for the Office of Public Defender and what it stands for. I want to restore the professionalism, trust, civility, and accountability that have been missing for the past four years. The current administration is a disaster.If elected, what would some of your main goals be: The employees are miserable, turnover is high, the cost to handle a single case has risen 33 percent, and my opponent continues to mislead the media and the public in the face of unprecedented investigations by law enforcement into his fraudulent waste of taxpayer money and false documentation of records.
Qualifications: I have not always been a lawyer. I have extensive experience owning and managing a small business. I know how to make a budget work when things get difficult. I worked in the Public Defender’s office for twelve years and experienced every division within the office. I know the office. Character is a qualification. I am the humble recipient of the 2011 Professionalism Award and I have always endeavored to be an honest, ethical, hard working attorney. Five prior Presidents of the FWB Bar endorse me and I have the support of the majority of Florida Bar from here to Walton County. I want to restore the integrity of the Office and put the “Public” back into Office of the “Public Defender.”
Last movie you watched: “Hugo.” My nieces – JoAnna and Kathleen like 3-D movies.
Your favorite album: You are dating yourself. Do they still make albums?
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be:  An acoustic number on my 1975 Martin D-18. She’s been a good friend for a long time.
How do you relax: Spend time on the back porch with my wife and our dogs. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Candidate: James Owens (I)
Occupation: Public Defender
Why are you seeking office: I want to continue to lead the lawyers and staff of the Public Defender’s Office in providing effective representation to our clients in the most efficient way possible.
Qualifications: I am the current elected Public Defender with over 25 years of trial experience including over 100 trials.
Last movie you watched: “Battleship”
Your favorite album: Journey’s “Escape”
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Shooting free throws
How do you relax: Walk, run or bike ride.

State Representative, District 2

Candidate: Jeremy M. Bosso
Occupation: Technical Director, UWF Wetlands Research Laboratory
Why are you seeking office: I’m seeking office to advance the liberty movement, promote free markets/intrastate commerce, and adherence to the Constitution.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: NR
Qualifications: I’m a resident of District 2, at least 21 years of age, and have been a resident of the state of Florida for at least two years prior to the election. Seriously though, I believe the combination of my upbringing, education (B.S. Biochemistry, Master of Public Health), professional experience and interpersonal relationships give me a unique political philosophy.Last movie you watched: With a full-time job and family, I don’t get to watch too many movies. I believe the movie I watched was “Generation Rx”
Your favorite album: Lately I’ve been listening to music from Jordan Page. I particularly enjoy his song “Liberty”
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Probably comedic relief. But you’ll have to ask my friends whether they think I’m funny or not.
How do you relax: Family time and prayer.

Candidate: C.V. (Clay) Ford (I)
Occupation: Executive Director, Northwest Florida Legal Services
Why are you seeking office: NR
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: Create jobs, create better opportunities for developmentally delayed, no more taxes.
Qualifications: 3 terms in FL House, passed copper theft bill and eliminated hoops to jump through in order to reinstate CPA license last session.
Last movie you watched: “Bourne Identity”
You favorite album: Not an audiophile
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be:  Stay cool.
How do you relax:  Never feel stressed out.

Circuit Judge 1st Judicial Circuit Group 15

Terry Ketchel (I)


Thomas Murphy


Escambia County

Clerk Of The Circuit Court

Candidate: Pam Childers
Occupation: Financial Manager, City of Pensacola
Why are you seeking office: I decided back in 2009 that I wanted to run for Clerk & Comptroller of Escambia County as the current Clerk had just been elected to his 15th term in office.  I’ve learned by experience and thru my time as a Board of Director with the State association that it takes motivated people at the top!  It takes leadership from someone with the right credentials and vitality to move an organization forward.  The current Clerk has been in office for almost 56 years and has become a placeholder.  It’s time for new leadership in our Courthouse.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be:  What I bring is vitality, a fresh perspective, the ability to scrutinize the budget to ensure the taxpayers and users of the courthouse are getting the best service at the lowest cost, I have the credentials and experience to do the actual work of the Comptroller, I can better the relationships between City & County and Clerk & County BOCC, I bring the technology knowledge and hands on experience that will lead the courthouse to better serve the public 7 days a week from their home computers and I bring the promise of transparency and open door policy that is expected by the taxpayers.
Qualifications:  I’m qualified by education and experience to be your next Clerk of Court & Comptroller.  I’m a Certified Public Accountant, a State-Certified Government Finance Officer, the current Financial Services Manager for the City of Pensacola, prior interim Director for the Port of Pensacola, Past Board of Directors of the Florida Government Finance Officers Association (elected position), as a former employee of the Clerk’s office I have a working knowledge of the functions of the Clerk of Court.  As the Financial Services Manager, CPA and a state-certified government finance officer I have the qualifications to direct the finances and investments of Escambia County in the capacity of the Comptroller.
Last movie you saw: “The Avengers” (and have tickets for the midnight premiere of “Batman Rises”)
Your favorite album: Rod Stewart’s “Camouflage”
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be:  I have no entertainment talent but I’m a pretty good volleyball player.
How do you relax: I think I clean the house, but I’m not a stressed out person but I do have a clean house from stressing everyone else out about doing their chores.

Candidate: Ernie Lee Magaha (I)
Occupation: Clerk of Circuit Court; Comptroller
Why are you seeking office: I am committed to continuing excellence and service, with courtesy and respect to the citizens of Escambia County, while serving as watchdog and conservative guardian of the people’s finances.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: I will maintain positive working relationships with the citizens, the Supervisor of Elections, the State Attorney, the Public Defender, the legislature, the City of Pensacola and the Town of Century.
Qualifications: After serving in the Merchant Marines and the United States Army,  received my Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Auburn University. I served for five years as State Auditor, 15 years as Clerk of the Court of Record and 40 years as Clerk of the Circuit Court. I have also served 17 years as Comptroller for Escambia County.
Last movie you watched: “Wall Street”
Your favorite album: A CD filled with music performed by my dear friends, the late Alfred and Willard Brown.
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Comedian. I can ride a unicycle, balancing on a tightrope while juggling coconuts, keeping 250 plates stacked on my head and spitting watermelon seeds at a target while jumping through a ring of fire. But seriously, it’s my eternal youth and vitality.
How do you relax: By working out at the Downtown YMCA


Candidate: David Morgan (I)

Occupation: Sheriff, Escambia County
Why are you seeking office: As the incumbent I am seeking re-election.  Our record over the past three and one half years has been one of cultural changing accomplishments; merit-based promotions, transparency in government, community involvement, minority outreach, intelligence-led policing, budget reductions, state certified law enforcement in patrol and corrections, and the list could go on and on.  I am proud to say that ‘running on my record’ is not a cliché, but fact-based.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: I am proud to say that ‘running on my record’ is not a cliché, but fact-based. We will continue the momentum of the last 4 years through 2016 with modernization of law enforcement training methods and technologies. It is also important to state that, “we are a scandal free agency.”
Qualifications: I am a retired AF Officer, having served 21 years and 3 months, as a Security Police Officer (both officer and enlisted).  And, obviously I have been serving honorably as sheriff for the last 3 and one half years.  My academic qualifications are a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  Additionally my wife and I (Susan) owned and operated a private investigative agency for 15 years in Escambia County, and we are also property owners (rentals).  We live and pay taxes in this county.  Our family fortune, (such as it is), has been invested in this community for the last 20 years.  Lastly, we have received the following endorsements to date; Pensacola Association of Realtors, Police Benevolent Association (PBA), Escambia River Gun Club, National Rifle Association (NRA), FL Sportsman Association, Fil-Am Republican Club, Escambia County Firefighters Association, to name a few.  One of my ‘qualifications’ that I am proudest of is the overwhelming community buy-in for the ECSO’s strategic vision.  This is best typified by the Neighborhood Watch Programs increasing from 13 to 93 over the last 3 years.
Last movie you watched: My duty schedule does not allow me a lot of leisure time (12 to 14 hours are the norm).  I believe it may be the last Sherlock Holmes movie: “A Game of Shadows.”
Your favorite album: I lean toward greatest hits albums by various performers. And yes, they are age specific: The Beatles, The Doors, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and over the last few years a growing appreciation for Frank Sinatra and some of the “crooners” of the ‘50s and ‘60s.
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be:  Jacks.
How do you relax: The previous year has been  ‘significant emotional events’ (SEE’s) for my family.  When feeling stressed, I take a moment to think and pray for my wife.  She has become my hero over the last few months and I am and will forever be in awe of her.

Candidate: John Russell Powell
Occupation: Certified legal process server
Why are you seeking office: The reason I am seeking office is because it has been a goal I set ever since I started my professional law enforcement career 27 years ago. I started my career with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and have a desire to lead the agency in the 21st Century.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: If elected I would like to streamline the administrative personnel at the Sheriff’ Office and maximize the law enforcement personnel providing service to the citizens.
Qualifications: The training, skill set and abilities I have obtained during my 27 years in the profession of law enforcement positions me to make the hard decisions that will face the Sheriff’s Office and Escambia County in the years to come. The professional educational training that I have obtained, Bachelors in Criminal Justice, Masters in Public Administration and numerous professional management and supervision classes will be beneficial in helping make the right choices for the citizens of the county.
I am a certified professional Florida Law Enforcement Officer and have been since 1984. I have served in various positions, including line officer, investigator, supervisor, manager, SWAT Officer and training officer. I also have served as a Federal Agent for the U.S. Dept. of Justice (FBI) and I have served in the capacity as a Chief of Police. I have worked in agencies from small to large departments each with increasing additional responsibility. I have also served as the Director for a State Law Enforcement Division, the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco.
Last movie you watched: The last movie I watched was “The Avengers,” with my children.
Your favorite album: “Hotel California” by the Eagles
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be:  Interaction with people for the community.
How do you relax: I like to work out.

County Commissioner, District 1

Candidate: Jesse Casey

Occupation: General Contractor
Why are you seeking office: I am sick and tired of seeing this county continue on the same old path it has been taking. For years, we have had to sit back and watch while job building contracts, sales of vehicles/equipment, and jobs themselves, be given away, to out of state and county deals.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: The businesses and local people should be our first consideration, not an afterthought; after all, we work for them, not the other way around. There is so much more to Pensacola than just tourism.   All it takes it a little extra effort to let locals know what we have going on and give them a fair chance at the opportunities that we so freely give away without any thought of the people who live work and invest in our community. If, I am elected, I will do everything in my power to change the way this is all accomplished. The businesses and local people should be our first consideration not an afterthought; after all we work for them not the other way around. There is so much more to Pensacola than just tourism.
Qualifications: I believe that all the multimillion-dollar jobs that I was Construction Manager over, makes me more than qualified. I have had to supervise and budget many apartment complexes throughout the United States along with retirement homes, nursing homes, and kidney dialysis centers. I have had to deal with sealed bids, and work with many sub-contractors on site and see that jobs were completed on schedule. I was involved in renegotiating contracts at a Nuclear power facility, that was under construction in Indiana for four years and all that money alone far exceeds the Escambia County budget. As I have mentioned in other forums I have been forced to leave town to look for work throughout the years and many times my wife and children had to stay behind.
Last movie you watched: Madagascar 3 “Europe’s Most Wanted” I took my great nephew Anthony Cole Lowery, who was visiting from Leesburg and my wife, Sally.
Your favorite album: I do not have a favorite album but my favorite song is “What A Wonderful World” By Louis Armstrong, which I have requested to be played at my funeral
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Just plain cutting up and joking around with people. I love to hear people laugh, and joke back with me.
How do you relax: I work. I will find something to do just to get my mind off of whatever is making me feel stressed.

Candidate: Wilson Robertson (I)
Occupation: Owner, Robertson/Curtis, Inc.
Why are you seeking office: I am seeking re-election for my second and final term to complete projects started my first terms.]
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: I want to make sure we bring more jobs to Escambia County and that the $100-plus million BP money is spent wisely.
Qualifications: 8 years as commissioner in District 5 and three and a half years in District 1. Four years on ECUA. 45 years small business owner in Escambia County.
Last movie you watched: “October Baby”
Your favorite album: Ray Charles’ “Georgia.”
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Karaoke
How do you relax: Fish or golf

County Commissioner, District 3

Candidate: Lumon May

Occupation: President, May’s Construction
Why are you seeking office: It is time for us to chart a new direction to give our children and families a better future. District 3 once flourished, but in recent decades has suffered with high unemployment, low education scores, and struggling businesses. I will work with my friends and neighbors to turn the tide and revitalize our district.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: Build safer, cleaner neighborhoods; create jobs and opportunity; and fight for fairness, justice and equality
How do you relax: Coach youth sports

Candidate: Clinton Earl Powell Sr.
Candidate: Annie Thomas-Walker

County Commissioner, District 5

Candidate: Sam Archer

Candidate: Glenn Austin
Occupation: Co-owner, Rick’s Cabana Lounge
Why are you seeking office: I am seeking office because I believe this next election is critical to our economic future. This next election should be focused on the candidate that can lead the way in creating jobs. I am the only candidate who owns a business. We have 22 employees and like everyone else, we are trying to stay ahead of the curve.  We need someone on the Escambia County Commission who business owners know will understand the financial hardships of our area.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: Our local government is fully responsible for creating the right setting for business to succeed. We can do this one vote at a time and create jobs you can count on and a future you can believe in.
Last movie you watched: “Men in Black 3”
Qualifications: I spent 27 years in local news reporting on Government and Crime.  The lack of communication between elected officials and those living in this community is breath taking.  I am the only candidate who has ever owned a business and understands what it takes to make a payroll every two weeks, pay taxes and a massive utility bill.  I fully understand what our business owners are going through and feel I am the only candidate that can address that problem head on.
You favorite album: Fleetwood Mac Rumours. With songs like Don’t stop, Go you own way, You make loving fun, Dreams and Second hand news, how can you go wrong
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be:  I would like to think “communication.” I spent a career communicating with the public and won an Emmy doing just that.
How do you relax: Go to the backyard after a long day and talk with my wife while throwing a tennis ball a thousand times for my dog !

Candidate: Steven Barry
Occupation: Certified Financial Planner
Why are you seeking office: I am a candidate for County Commissioner District 5 in the interest of being a champion to the taxpayers and serving the community I love.  I want to see a dramatic change in the employment landscape. My wife, Ellen, and I do not have children yet, but we plan to raise a family here.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: One of my goals for all the families in Escambia County is that the children have the opportunity to stay and work locally, rather than having to leave here to earn a living wage.
Qualifications: I graduated from Tate High School in 1993, and the University of West Florida in 1997 with a B.A. degree in Accounting.  After graduation, I entered the securities industry and became a certified financial planner. For over 10 years, I have owned and operated my own financial planning firm at the entrance to Gateway Business Park in Cantonment.  While running my own business, I make the time to serve my community in a number of ways.  I am Treasurer of Cantonment Rotary, where I have been a member eight years.  I am in my seventh year on the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation and my eighth year, all as Treasurer, of the Miracle League of Pensacola.  I served six years on the Pace Center for Girls Board and 4 years on the Escambia County Planning and Zoning Board.  I’m currently Vice-Chair of the Pensacola-Escambia Development Commission.  I also gave three years on the Escambia County Citizens Environmental Advisory Committee and one year on the Escambia County Citizens Fire Services Advisory Committee.  I mention all these involvements for two reasons.  First, they show a significant level of commitment to the community I am campaigning to serve.  Second, they show a wide range of different service experiences, which will help to serve a diverse community like ours.
Last movie you watched: Office Space
Your favorite album: Hank Williams, Jr. – Habits Old and New
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: I can quote all the “Seinfeld” episodes verbatim.
How do you relax: I like to lay out in the backyard and listen to old country music

Candidate: Pat Burkett

Occupation: Charge Nurse Coordinator
Why are you seeking office: I’m a Christian, and have felt “led” for several years to get involved. I believe our country—local to federal—is becoming something it wasn’t intended to be. If we, as Christian-Americans don’t get involved, speak up and act, our beloved country will melt away in front of our eyes.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: I hope to get integrity back into politics. Just saying “politics” has a negative connotation, to most people. I hope to really dig in and make some changes.
Qualifications: I am an extremely dedicated Christian, American, Republican. I am a life-long resident of Escambia County, the last 15 in District 5. I am currently an RN in a change nurse role. I work in L&D, so have a lot of PR experience. I’m a type A, aggressive, go-getter (which most nurses are). But mainly, I have a very strong desire to make a change.
Last movie you watched: “Sabrina”
Your favorite album: “Somewhere in Time” (soundtrack from movie with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour)
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Singing—if I had the nerve to sing solos. (sing in my choir and in small groups, but never solos)
How do you relax: pray and/or read the Bible

Candidate: Jim A. Taylor
Occupation: Visiting teacher and school social worker
Why are you seeking office: I am seeking office because I know that I can provide better representation and leadership for the people of Escambia County and District 5.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: NR
Qualifications: I have a Master’s Degree in Leadership, with graduate classes in Finance and several other areas.  I have 35 years of service to the Escambia County School System, along with many years of involvement with local, state and national politics.
Last movie you watched: John Wayne’s “The Alamo”
Your favorite album: Johnny Horton’s Greatest Hits
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Homespun stories, jokes and humor.
How do you relax: I seldom feel stressed, but praying and playing with my granddaughter is always a source of complete fulfillment and enjoyment.  I also love to hunt and fish.

ECUA, District 1

Candidate: Vicki H. Campbell

Occupation: Owner, Perdido Title and Abstracts
Why are you seeking office: I have always desired to serve my community in an official capacity, but being a business professional and a mother has never afforded me the time. Our son recently went away to college and I now find myself with the time to serve as a good advocate for the consumers of ECUA and the citizens of District 1.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: There are two major issues as I see them.  First is to get control of rates.  In a tough economy, families are struggling with the basics.  Water, sewer and sanitation are not discretionary services.  We have an obligation to keep them as low as possible.  In addition, utility rates impact our ability to attract jobs and industry, and economic development is vital to our future.  so rates impact the little guy, the big guy, and everyone in between.  Ironically, the second item makes the first more difficult to achieve.  Our aging infrastructure must be repaired.  We are under a consent order from the DEP.  Besides it is just good business to keep our system in a good working order.  Given these two competing goals, it is imperative that we get ECUA’s house in order by trimming any fat and streamlining operations before any further rate hikes are allowed.  A good budget workshop by the board is in order. I would also like to work with staff and board on IT solutions for the perception of our water quality both locally and nationally; work toward recycling in schools and major businesses; work to maintain safe levels of fluoride in our water;  make smart decisions on ECUA owned lands like the downtown treatment plant; work with County, City or State government to grow existing business and bring new businesses and jobs to Escambia County.
Qualifications: I have been a business owner/manager for over two decades and served as a budget liaison for a state board.  I have served on dozens of boards and coalitions  including Treasurer and Chairman of a Chamber of Commerce.  I act as a consultant every day with the local attorneys on legal matters regarding real estate.  I am confident I am qualified for the position.
Last movie you watched: “Moneyball”
Your favorite album: Jack Johnson  “On and On”
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: It would be a sport or teaching a sport and you can pick one from many like golf, tennis, softball, kickball or running.  I love and actively play many sports.  I am also a volunteer softball coach for six to eight years old girls.
How do you relax: Sports. I now go to boot camp four days a week, I run, play golf, tennis and teach kids sports and it is an absolutely wonderful stress reliever.

Candidate: Logan Fink
Occupation: Professor, Pensacola State College
Why are you seeking office: I can make a difference in the future of Escambia County for the people of the county.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: Cost efficiency; increase the use of local contractors to do ECUA work; remove contaminated wells; build new well field north of town with cleaner water; keep ECUA environmentally sound; and improve the taste and quality of tap water.
If political races featured a ‘talent contest,’ what would your talent be? Recently I sang “Sixteen Tons” at the Filipino-American Republican Karaoke Evening. I didn’t win.
Qualifications: Occupation:  Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at Pensacola State College since 1984. My academic background:  Bachelors and Masters from the University of Florida Ag-Engineering Department.  Two summers studying Marine Ecology at Dauphin Island Sea Lab.  Before college, I worked as a mechanic on large farm equipment.  The most challenging was the large combines.  They have in excess of 16,000 parts. Education with a strong emphasis in the sciences, including mechanics, energy management, hydrology, ecology, marine ecology, and biology-related topics to name a few.  ECUA needs a board member who understands the mechanical, hydraulic, and biologic processes of ECUA, who can better work with engineers to find solutions to problems that do not have negative impacts on individuals and organizations.  I did this numerous times while on the board, especially during the hurricanes. Military: 21-year Veteran of the U.S. Army and FL National Guard.  Two-time recipient of the Army Commendation Medal. Some accomplishments during eight years on ECUA board: made sure District 1 got its fair share!  Millions $$$! Voted to add fluoride in the water in 2000 or 2001.  Very proud of and confident in that vote. Always available to citizens—day or night! On the ground during Hurricane Ivan recovery efforts—experience that counts! Worked in almost every aspect of project for new sewer plant: Instrumental in getting $150,000,000 in FEMA grants and $10,000,000+ in state funds! Provided for the redevelopment of downtown Pensacola! Helped secure ECUA’s future, saving money on continual maintenance of old plant! Began workable recycling program, adding 50+ plus households per week! Worked to improve District 1 water pressure.  New wells, pipes and booster pumps! Rerouted water line away from sensitive environmental areas in Crescent Lake!
Last movie you watched: The Patriot
Your favorite album: I don’t have one favorite album.  Lately I have been listening to a recording of our church’s (First Baptist Church) Live Concert on the Beach.  I also listen to Johnny Cash, Elvis and Jeff Foxworthy comedy CD’s.
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be:  Recently I sang “Sixteen Tons” at the Filipino-American Republican Karaoke Evening.  I didn’t win.
How do you relax:  Love to snuggle up with my bride of 41 years.  Ain’t nothin’ better.

ECUA, District 3

Candidate: Calvin Avant
Occupation: Owner, Avant Training Resources
Why are you seeking office: As Director of the Escambia-Pensacola Human Relations Commission (EPHRC) our office filed a federal complaint with the U. S. Department of Homeland Security and FEMA against the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA).  This complaint was filed after ECUA received $149 Million dollars from FEMA to remove the Wastewater Sewage Treatment Plant from downtown.  Yet, ECUA had only 3.3 % women-owned & .7% minority-owned businesses participating in this project!  After the Department of Homeland Security found ECUA out of compliance for not making a good faith effort to engage these businesses in this project, ECUA felt they had not done anything wrong.  In order to change this type of cultural I need to be on the board.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: I will focus on the degeneration of our antiquated infrastructure caused by the board’s poor vision and planning. Address this problem by restructuring the long-range strategic plan and creating a corrective action plan to ensure that this problem doesn’t persist and affect the next generations.  Obtain alternative funding for this project and the possibility of using pipe-lining alternatives. Establish quarterly public input meeting which would be held in the evenings in venues though out the community to gather citizen’s response. I believe that the Board becoming sensitive to the economic down turn and look for ways to lower utility cost.
Qualifications: I am a native of Pensacola.  Resent retired Executive Director of an organization that was Board lead.  I’ve operated Avant Training Resources ( for over twenty years and have trained Board of Directors in Board Vision, Strategic Planning, Organizational, Executive, Management & Human Resource Development, Communication and Collaboration, Overall Budget Process and Licensing and Accreditation.  I have a Master’s degree in Management & Leadership and have managed many systems for the past 35 years.

Candidate: Benell English

Candidate: Elvin McCorvey (I)
Occupation: Executive Director, NAACP
Why are you seeking office: I am seeking reelection to the ECUA Board to continue the improvements to our water, wastewater and sanitation systems.If elected, what would some of your main goals be: My goals (accomplishments) are to continue septic tanks abatement, lower sanitations rates, replacement of antiquated water lines and better customer service.
Qualifications: I am highly qualified. I am well educated with undergraduate college and graduate degrees.  I was an administrator in the school system go twenty-eight years, sixteen years on the ECUA Board and the last four years as chairperson of the board.
Last movie you saw: “The Help”
Your favorite album: The book I read the most is the Bible.
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: My special talent is working with people.
How do you relax: Reading the Bible eliminates stress from my life.

Candidate: Clorissti Mitchell
Occupation: Family Support Specialist, Children’s Services Center
Why are you seeking office: I am seeking office because I do not see the open dialogue that should exist between the community and ECUA; I do not see long range plans to insure our infrastructure is maintained and I do not see a good relationship with small businesses.
If elected, what do you hope to accomplish: When elected I hope to accomplish a full disclosure environment with quarterly town hall meetings held at times when those interested are able to attend (as a result more voices are being heard and there is more input from the community); every decision made should be based on the effects on our environment and our citizen’s health and lack of an infrastructure plan leads me to believe presently decisions are not necessarily based on the environment nor the health needs of our community and the relationship between ECUA and doing business with small businesses need to be reworked to insure not only increase participation in the bidding process but the businesses that are awarded contracts are increased and more diverse.  I was happy to see workshops for small business begin last year and the two I attended were very informative and I think entrepreneurs would appreciate the opportunity to attend more workshops. I truly believe it is time for my generation to step up and serve our community on the front lines- a community that has poured so much in to me it is time for me to pour into my community.  To whom much is given much is required and it is time for me to give more of me.
Qualifications: This is a policy creating board and I understand not only the importance of creating effective policies but I know how to write policies gained from my experience working for three members of Congress (Lane Evans (IL), Pete Peterson (FL) and Donald Payne (NJ) .  This is also a board that makes decisions that will affect our community’s environmental future and it is important to have someone with long range ideas/plans and ideas/plans that are green.  I am passionate about our city, our environment and how we leave it for generations to come.
Last movie you watched: Currently my life does not allow for me to watch anything I think the last movie I watched was on 4th of July it was raining so the kids voted to stay in we all watched “Jaws 1 and 2” and we were all sleep before “Jaws 3” started.
What is your favorite album:  I love all types of music and depending on my mood. I have favorites: The Police—“Synchronicity,” John Coltrane, and Miles Davis’ “Milestones” and Yolanda Adams “Day by Day,” but if you absolutely make me choose one it would be Yolanda Adams “Day by Day.”
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be:  Liturgical Dance
How do you relax: Play with my children and if they are the reason I am stressed out I read.

ECUA, District 5

Candidate: Barry B. Tweedie
Occupation: Owner, Tweedie Construction
Why are you seeking office: I’m running for this office because I believe that district 5 needs more conservative representation. The utility (current board) seems to think they can borrow their way to prosperity. That won’t be affordable for the rate-payers. Rate increases of 7% to 8% during a time when customers living on a fixed income (social security) receive no cost of living adjustments is brutal for them. The rate increases were enacted because the utility has spent so much money moving the old main street wastewater treatment plant. I served on the committee that was to determine if it was financially and technically feasible to move the plant. I voted against the move. That was before hurricane Ivan came to visit. The original budget for the project was $165 million. I thought that was too much and didn’t think they could stick to the budget. As the late Pompelio Ucci predicted, the plant ended up costing $315 million. I’d say they missed the $165 million target by a little ($150 million) bit.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: NR
Qualifications: I am fairly knowledgeable.
Last movie you watched: “Captain America
Your favorite album: Bad Company.
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Saving the ratepayers money and spending it responsibly.
How do you relax: I seldom get stressed out.

Candidate: Larry Walker
Occupation: Retired UWF professor
Why are you seeking office: I first ran for the ECUA District 5 seat in 1988 after 20 years of teaching political science, wanting to see whether “I could practice what I had been preaching in the classroom.”  I wanted then to “help make democracy work like the textbook model.”  That is still my fundamental motivation.   I now have served in the ECUA District 5 office a total of twenty years.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: There are the basic elements of good public service, of course:  (a) providing good service to constituents, (b) representing constituents’ interests, (c) contributing to sound, responsible policy making, (d) exercising oversight of administration, and (e) being alert to possible corruption, favoritism, waste, etc.
Qualifications: 1. Experience, obviously, in dealing with water, sewer, and sanitation needs of the community 2. Unsurpassed knowledge of ECUA’s history—involved since 1985 3. Knowledge—real and realistic knowledge–of ECUA’s present-day resources and limitations 4. Twenty-year record of excellent constituency service 5. Acquaintance with large part of District 5 constituency—I know them, they know me 6. Personal agenda–ambitious but practical–of near-future achievements by ECUA (see Attachment A)
Last movie you watched: “Gods and Generals”
Your favorite album:  You pick it:  (1) Ray Stevens, “Turn Your Radio On” (2) Stan Kenton Orchestra, “Big Bands: Stan Kenton” (3) Kenny G, “Breathless”
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Playing the harmonica
How do you relax: Read a good novel, most often one by Garcia Marquez, Le Carré, Steinbeck, Conrad, or Graham Greene.

Candidate: Charlou Williams

City Council, At-Large B
(Nonpartisan Office)

Candidate: Charles L. Bare
Occupation: Owner, The Charles Bare Company
Why are you seeking office: I am seeking the office of City Council, At-Large B because I want to work across our city to help citizens and neighborhoods chart the course for our city. I have walked neighborhoods in every corner of our city and many of them are not engaged in what is happening downtown.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: My goal during my four-year term is to ensure that a minimum of 75% of our neighborhoods are represented by active neighborhood associations that will serve as the formal means of communication between citizens and the city government. I will also provide my leadership experience in the business, non- profit and governmental arenas to the council to help maintain its role as the legislative body of the city government working together with the executive branch to provide a government that is responsive and agile.
Qualifications: I have a Bachelor of Legal Administration and Master of Public Administration with a specialization in Coastal Zone Studies that uniquely qualifies me for leadership positions in a coastal municipal community. I have worked for state and federal governmental entities where I have focused on efficiency and eliminating fraud, waste and abuse. I am an Army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During my deployment, I worked with multi-national forces and relief organizations to help rebuild the governmental structure of Iraq from the local to federal level. I have also been very active in local chambers of commerce, churches and non-profits.
Last movie you watched: Men in Black 3
Your favorite album: I used to be a DJ in college, and I have a wide spectrum of music that I listen to on a daily basis. I had an MP3 player when I deployed to Iraq, and I believe music was one of very few things (my family back home was the other) that kept me from going crazy over there. If I had to pick one album, it would be: “The Best of Passion (So Far)” by the Passion Worship Band.
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Stand-up comedy. With three boys ages 7, 9 and 12, there is no lack of parenting comedy in our home.
How do you relax: I go to the beach with my wife and boys. We play in the surf and watch the sunset. There is no better place to find peace.

Candidate: Victor Cross
Occupation: Sales director
Why are you seeking office: I was originally asked by the Pensacola Fraternal Order of Police organization to run… My tie to this organization is based upon the many relationships with them built up over the years after the tragic death of my father, PPD Police Officer Amos Cross killed in the line of duty on September 12, 1980.  The issues these brave men and women face touch me personally and deeply and I would like to be an advocate for law enforcement and first responders who’s sacrifice and cause largely go unnoticed in our society. I  also believe that in partnering with the brave men and women of our law enforcement community, government and the citizens of our city can raise the national profile of Pensacola as one of the safest places to live in the U.S.. This would in turn work to lure businesses and families back to this area.  Pensacola has lost 11% of our city limit population for various reasons over the past 20 years. We need to provide various incentives for people, families and businesses to come back to live and work within the City Limits of Pensacola Florida
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: Work with the citizens, law enforcement and government of Pensacola to make the city of Pensacola one of the safest places to live in the U.S., draw families, businesses and people back into the Pensacola city limits to live and work.
Qualifications: I am a husband, father of three children, our oldest boy has autism.  I am a prior real estate brokerage and appraisal business owner and employer – before the massive economic downturn.  I have learned how to survive with a family in hard economic times. I grew up in a military family with both my oldest brother and father having served in the U.S. Air Force and the middle brother having served in the U.S. Navy.  I have lived in many different states and a few different countries.  My father retired to the City Pensacola in 1978 and I attended elementary, middle and high school in City of Pensacola schools.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of West Florida and have served regularly in various church bodies for the past 10+ years.
Last movie you watched: “The Lottery,” a documentary on the plight of NY charter schools…very moving…
Your favorite album: Journey – “Escape”… yes, the one with “Don’t Stop Believing”
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Playing the guitar, piano and singing as well as composing & writing music.
How do you relax: I relax by taking a walk or drive or listening to some good music.

Candidate: Sam Hall (I)
Occupation: Retired
Why are you seeking office: Well, it’s not for the money! I’m running because I believe Pensacola is on the cusp of doing great things, and we need to keep moving toward that goal.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: Keep the lights on at City Hall. That sounds overly simplified, but think about it. The mayor and council have to work together to manage public safety, public works, sanitation services, 93 parks, a port, the airport, and Energy Services of Pensacola. If we don’t, then the lights go out at City Hall, parks get overgrown, roads fall apart, and the trash piles up. Beyond that, I want to support Mayor Hayward as he works to develop a larger tax base. There’s 60+ acres of vacant government land (city, county, state, school board, ECUA) in the urban core that is generating zero tax dollars. I’m excited about Hayward’s committee on urban redevelopment, which when fully implemented, will start to turn that around. Outside of changing forms of government, this plan may be the biggest game changer in Penacola’s modern era.
Qualifications: That’s subjective. What one considers a qualification another thinks is just the opposite. The voters will decide what makes me qualified or not.  It’s not my hair, that’s for sure.
Last movie you watched: Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds”.
Your favorite album: Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man”.
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Patience.
How do you relax: By watching Hopalong Cassidy movies. You know the ones…where the good guy always wins!

City Council, District 7
(Nonpartisan Office)

Candidate: Robbie C. Andrews
Occupation: Community Action Program Committee
Why are you seeking office: The reason I am seeking office is because I have had enough of people saying “politicians are nothing but liars and crooks.” I am determined to prove this is not always true.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: I hope to accomplish this by patterning myself after a younger Willie Junior—before he got into trouble!
Qualifications: I have none but I do attend the council  meetings and I’m on the vestry board at the church in which we make and set policies also I do a lot of reading of your magazine/paper, the News Journal, etc. to keep with what is happening in the city!
Last movie you watched: “The Avengers”
Your favorite album: Marvin Gaye, “What’s Going On”
If the primary race had a talent contest, your talent would be: Urban Ballroom Dancing
How do you relax: Count to twenty

Candidate: Jewel Cannada-Wynn
Occupation: Dean, Escambia High School
Why are you seeking office:  I enjoy serving the community and I believe that my leadership experience will be helpful on the council and provide the leadership experience and energy to improve district 7.
If elected, what would some of your main goals be: Distribution of dollars into district 7 to improve drainage/ Neighborhood Association development/support and Youth orientated activities. Jobs creation is always at the top of the list and district 7 has valuable property that I hope that can be turned into housing/retail thus creating jobs. All of my goals require support from the council and Mayor. I believe that working with the council and the Mayor will reveal to the community the tremendous opportunities in district.
Qualifications: I am an Educator, Former City Council/ Member/Deputy Mayor. However, the most important thing is that a candidate is committed to listening to their citizens and working hard to solve issues and improve the community.

Candidate: Jimmie Perkins