Pensacola, Florida
Monday December 17th 2018


My Pensacola—Ashley Faulkner

Ashley Faulkner
Online Content Editor at Footbridge Media, pizza waitress extraordinaire
Pensacola resident since 2005

Good Eats: As a weekend pizza slinger, I have to shout out one of the most fun places to work (and eat!) in Pensacola, Mellow Mushroom. I dare anyone to find a staff that is more fun, plus they have 72 beers on draft alone. Hello, beer heaven! Did I mention the pizza? It’s dank, son.

You think you love Southern food? Go to Five Sister’s Blues Café. Fried green tomatoes are my idea of paradise and Five Sister’s has them on lockdown. For brunch they have live music and so help me God a few Sundays ago someone walked in with a puppy. Best. Brunch. Ever.

Retail therapy: Please don’t label me a hipster, but the deals are at Waterfront Mission Thrift Store. I like treasure hunting and this place has the best unique finds. Plus, I can get a lot of stuff for super cheap which makes me feel like a baller. I almost hesitate to mention Waterfront because now I know all of you are going to go and get the good stuff before I do. Darn it!

Watering holes: Hey, it may not look like much from the outside, but the Spanish Trail Pub is one of the best dive bars in town. The bartenders Charlie, Jason and Jessica sling a mean drink and it is simply rife with colorful characters. There is no other bar in town where I can walk in and the bartender has my drink waiting for me before I sit down.

Feel like getting a little fancy pants for the night? Go see Patrick at 5 ½ Bar next to Vinyl Music Hall. He is ridiculously good at his craft and you will love the loungy atmosphere. Plus, it’s an excuse to get all gussied up and look for cute potential dates.

The Magnolia is a new spot located in East Pensacola Heights that is run by Patrick from 5 ½ Bar’s sister Kylie and her beau Bill. It’s cozy, with a delightful beer and wine selection. One time I ate an entire cheese plate with my wine, but that’s our secret, okay?

Nightlife: Saturday nights don’t get much more fun than Emerald City. Dancing, drag queens and sweaty, shirtless men – I may not have a shot with them, but it’s a treat for the eyes and they don’t care if I get super sweaty from dancing my tush off. Drink and Drown nights are the best nights to go, but be careful to plan to pour yourself into a cab at closing time!

I lost my karaoke virginity to Krazy George at Seville Quarter – scandalous, I know. Seriously, George is wonderful and makes everyone feel comfortable singing even without liquid courage. People have been kicked out for booing before, so feel comfortable requesting that Beyonce song and let them have it!

I just caught local bands Pioneers O! Pioneers and Isle at Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant recently. They melted my face with their beautiful music. Whoever said local music in Pensacola was dead has been living under a rock, I think. If you want to catch that indie-funk-electro-lo fi band that no one else has heard of, they will probably play at Sluggo’s on their Pensacola tour stop.

Never Miss Event: Every chance I get, I head downtown to cheer on our Pensacola Blue Wahoos. I am a girl who loves her baseball and I am so proud of our gorgeous new stadium. Since I am also a frugal girl, I appreciate that they have a grassy “cheap seats” area where I don’t have to feel guilty about spilling my beer as I heckle the visiting team.