Pensacola, Florida
Thursday March 30th 2017


Local Writer Nominated for Award

IN Writer and future D.C. resident, Ashely Hardaway, just discovered over the weekend that her book, Ukraine (Other Places Travel Guide), was nominated for a Paul Cowan Non-Fiction Award.

Im excited for two reasons, Hardaway wrote on her Facebook page. One, in elementary school my short stories constantly received a N/A grade, or sad face, due to poor penmanship. Two, its for Non-Fiction, not Travel Writing.

Most Facebook users log-in to find requests for Farmville and Happy Aquarium. Hardaway, logged in to find a pleasant surprise.

I found out through Facebook actually, she said of the award nomination. My publisher had a status update that said my book had been nominated, which was news to me!

As she moves to Washington D.C. this week, Hardaway is hoping that this nomination will open some doors for her in the nations capital.

I’m moving to DC this week, so I am hopeful that this change will present new opportunities, she said. I wouldn’t mind having my own travel show and being a female Anthony Bourdainoneone can dream right?

Read more about Ashley here. You can purchase her book on