Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday May 23rd 2018


A Sunny End to Summer

By Sarah McCartan

What could possibly be a better cure for your back to school blues than a full evening of memorable live music complemented by wondrous works of art? Probably nothing. Even those of us who aren’t going back to school can’t argue with this. Sunday Aug. 26 New Orleans-based Sun Hotel returns to Sluggo’s bringing along friends and fellow Louisianans Twin Killers for what promises to serve as a sweet sendoff to summer.

If Sun Hotel’s soothing four-part harmonies don’t lure you in, their rock ‘n’ roll charm surely will. In just a couple of years, they have solidified a captivating sound that boasts plenty of post-gospel vibes. The group looks to their surroundings for inspiration. As their name eludes, this includes the sun—and not just any sun, most notably the Louisiana sunsets. Particularly the intensity of those captured while heading toward Baton Rouge, La.

Sun Hotel’s initial founding occurred thanks to the introduction of members at Loyola University and quickly expanded from there as they began to play with friends and then soon after began playing shows.

“Venues in New Orleans are willing to give bands shows and actually pay them, so we started playing a ton. Then we went on our first tour. Then we realized we could book a tour on the Internet by ourselves. It’s kind of snowballed since then,” they explained.

Their early momentum certainly has yet to cease as they find themselves having toured virtually every month this year.

“We try not to play in town too much so we don’t over saturate. It’s why we like going on tour. We never have to worry about playing too many times in one place,” the band said.

Still, the group can be spotted playing respectively amongst other bands when back on their home turf and they have even established their own artist collective, Chinquapin Records, that has grown to include numerous acts both in New Orleans and extending beyond.

“When someone sees Chinquapin Records, it all just points back to the same thing—it points back to New Orleans.”

If you are wondering how to pronounce it, don’t worry. They sing it for you on the Chinquapin’s website. That’s right, they went as far as to record a jingle. It’s a classic.

Though not much time has passed since they released their latest album “Gifts,” Sun Hotel is already midway through the construction of their next with plans to complete it in the near future when they break from tour.

The band is currently embracing a freer energy and is looking to heighten that energy live as well as transfer some of their newfound chaos onto this record. They make note that their upcoming record and those that follow must ultimately be full of surprises.

Accompanying Acts

Twin Killers previously joined Sun Hotel on what was defined as being one of Sun Hotels’ best tours to date and is rejoining for more. Jessica Ramsey presents a strikingly defiant lyrical sound that is poised gracefully on top of resonating instrumental breakouts.

Still, the night would not be complete without standout local acts added into the mix. The Beepers are staged to introduce plenty of energy with a hint of surf rock. Jean Carlos Gonzalez one of the faces behind the event will also be joining the lineup with his band Ritual. The group played their first show at a recent Fourth of July extravaganza.

Exponential Decay will be bringing art on board at the event with various local artists contributing pieces for the duration of the evening, including a painting demonstration.

And still there’s more. Enjoy washing the merriment down with killer drink specials. That’s right. Sling back a shot of Jameson plus a PBR tallboy for just five bucks. Before you are quick to say, “but it’s on a Sunday, I have to wake up early Monday,” realize that you are not alone. So does everybody else.

WHAT: Sun Hotel, Twin Killers, Ritual and The Beepers
WHEN: 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 26 (8 p.m. art show)
WHERE: Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant, 101 S. Jefferson St.
COST: $6
DETAILS: 791-6501