Pensacola, Florida
Friday April 20th 2018


The Local Treat Treatment

A Sample of The Best Dog Treats in Town

Anybody who reads the IN knows we’re advocates of staying local whenever possible. So, of course, we had to figure out how to shop local when it comes to treating our beloved pups, too.

It was actually much easier than we anticipated. One trip to Palafox Market on a Saturday morning offered up not one, but two homemade treat options. Plus our office is conveniently located just a block away from The Spotted Dog Pet Boutique and Bakery—which is like puppy shopping heaven right on Palafox Street. Fresh baked treats, toys, grooming supplies—you name it and think your pup needs it, they’ve got it.

Buying local when it comes to dog treats isn’t just a feel good thing for you as an owner either. Most of the local treat options we found are actually better for your dog, too. According to Ashley Dickerson from The Spotted Dog “there are no added preservatives, flavors, or colorings and we only use sugar and salt free ingredients. Because these treats are natural and free of artificial preservatives, they are healthier for the dog than processed treats from the store.”

The Spotted Dog also makes sure and lists all ingredients clearly “so you can pick and choose which treats would be best for your dog. So whether your dog has a wheat allergy or egg allergy, you can choose the treats without those ingredients.” Good luck finding that kind of quality and information down at the average grocery store dog food aisle.

Here’s for a sample of the best of what we found. And just in case you’re wondering—they were all taste tested by the IN staff pups and passed with flying colors.

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