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Sunday May 27th 2018


Pet Psychics: Showing You What You’re Missing

by Jesscia Forbes

As a pet owner with two cats in my home, I feel I usually have a good sense of what my cats are trying to communicate. Most of their messages are undoubtedly food-specific, as with the nightly “It’s 9:00pm, where is my wet food?” meowing.  They purr, that means they are content; they hiss, they must be angry.

But am I missing something? Every now and again, pets do things that seem to defy understanding. For many of us, pets are like our children, and it is easy to forget that we are living with a member of a different species. We can put as many sweaters and Halloween costumes on them as we like, but our pets are still animals and will occasionally respond as such, no matter how human-like they often seem.

To aid people who are having difficulties with a pet, Rebecca Redding works locally as a pet psychic. Redding assesses owner-identified behavioral issues by conducting home visits, and observing a pet in their usual environment. While at first I was dubious as to what a pet psychic could tell me about my pets that I didn’t already sense, for the purposes of journalism (and curiosity) I committed to seeking psychic pet-help.

I contacted Redding to inquire about what I considered the boorish behavior of Eddie, my male cat, towards Cami, a female. The two had lived together about eight months when, last March, Eddie aggressively attacked Cami after an exchange with a stray cat through a window. Prior to that incident, I was concerned that Cami may not love living with us considering Eddie regularly clobbers her, typically when she is peacefully asleep. Since the big attack, I have been worrying that she may want to pack her cat bags and leave for good.

Redding visited our home and immediately drew attention from both cats.  It turns out the familiar crystal ball-carrying caricature does not represent the actual definition of a “psychic,” which is simply a person who is sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical nature.  In other words: a highly sensitive and perceptive individual who can sense and read non-verbal cues. Perfect for figuring out pets that can’t actually speak to us.

Redding grew up with cats and dogs as pets, and her grandparents had a farm where she spent time interacting with animals. Pets always favored Redding, and she learned at an early age that she was able to perceive emotions and understand responses to which others around her were not sensitive.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Redding’s interest in language evolution dovetailed with her interest in animal behavior and communication. While her emotional sensitivity and ability to connect with animals is part of her identification as a psychic, Redding is also very interested in understanding behavior from a scientific perspective. Redding supports what she senses about an animal with evidence and examples from her readings and experience. In our session, she shared helpful information about cats in general and each of mine specifically.

Our case’s conclusion: Eddie attacked Cami in March because she happened to be within reach and he couldn’t get to the stray cat, the real object of his aggression. As the more serious and authoritative cat, he asserts dominance over Cami, who concedes to him in the spirit of “Yeah, yeah, you’re the male, you can dominate.” Cami is not afraid of Eddie, and Eddie likes her, regarding her as his “girl,” pestering her for attention. If this doesn’t sound like a couple of humans, really, then what does?

Redding also shed light on Eddie’s separation anxiety, which is the reason I adopted a second cat. Despite the rap they get as aloof pets, most cats require shorter periods of focused human attention, whereas dogs prefer more sustained but maybe less intense human interaction. When left entirely alone Redding explained, indoor cats are prone to stress and worry about when their companion will return, which can manifest in various ways (I won’t name Eddie’s, but it required cleaning the carpets. You’re welcome.). Thanks to having a cat friend around, Eddie’s anxiety has calmed, though he would prefer more catnip in the house, particularly when I travel. Duly noted.

So, if your pet seems angry or out of sorts and you cannot figure out why, Redding and other pet psychics could hold a solution to your problem. Like communicating with humans, each of us interprets a pet’s actions through our own filters, which might be skewing their intended message. Pet psychics can provide an intermediary, someone who can pick up and interpret signals our pets are sending while helping us understand the behavior and what we can do to help a pet through it.

For more information about local pet psychic services, you can search “Pet Psychic” on and click “Pick Your Own Pros” to find Rebecca Redding.

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