Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday April 25th 2018

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Grooming 101

Mary Nash is the co-owner of Doggy Stylz Grooming Salon. From fleas to nail trims, here she gives pet owners a guide to grooming.

IN: What grooming routines should I absolutely not skip?
NASH: A conscientious pet owner would always want to get their pets nails clipped or Dremeled on a regular basis.  Letting the nails get too long can run into all kinds of issues and can be quite painful for a dog.  A pet owner should always brush their dog out completely before bathing, as tangles get worse if left in during a bath.

IN: On average, how often do you need to see a pet?
NASH: Most of our clients bring their dogs in between four to six weeks depending on the dog’s hair growth.  Lots of people just don’t have the time to brush their dogs coat out on a regular basis so they rely on us to do it.

IN: In your experience, what’s best way to combat fleas—on your pet and in your home?
NASH: Use a monthly flea application whether it’s a topical on the neck or an oral pill.  The fleas are so bad in this area that everyone has to stay on top of it constantly.  I will add that some products on the market do work much better than others.

IN: We’ve read some strange “home remedies” like washing your pet in Dawn dish-washing soap or mixing garlic into their food to kill fleas. Do any of those actually work?
NASH: Dawn is the worst thing you can do for a dog.  It dries out the skin and then you have all kinds of itchy problems.  You have to always use a product that is PH balanced and recommended for a dog.

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