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Friday April 20th 2018


The Internet Is For Pet Lovers

Our Favorite Totally Adorable Time Sucks

One thing everyone can all agree on, pet owner or not, is that precious pet photos have practically taken over the Internet. You just can’t avoid them. But really, why on earth would you ever want to? Nothing makes a long day at the office better than checking out a cute puppy pic or two.

Here are some of our favorite addictive pet-centric time sucks. Try looking at just one of them and not saying “ahhhhhh, how cute!”—we dare you.

Celebrity Dog Watcher
Did you know Steven Tyler has a Yorkie and a Morkie? Or that Miley Cyrus and Rumor Willis both adopted puppies from Walmart parking lots? If you followed this blog you would.

Cute Roulette
Pet videos done right.

Buzz Feed Animals
The biggest and best home for all things animal on the Internet.

Pitchfork Pets Rock Gallery
Pitchfork (yes, that Pitchfork) has teamed up with Purina ONE to bring you a Pinterest-like collection of pet pics. It’s hip to be cute, you know?

Terribly Cute
Daily round-up galleries of the cutest kittens and puppies online—it never gets old.

Cute Overload
The name pretty much sums it up—cute, cute and even more cute until you hit overload and have to leave in order to be a productive member of society again.

Text From Dog
“My dog sends me texts. I post them here. Yeah. It’s weird.” How could anyone not love this Tumblr?

Tumblr Terriers
Not a blog per se, but it’s Joani’s favorite way to puppy stalk online. She likes to check it regularly and make sure her Boston is cuter than the ones featured.

Ca$h Cats
The only thing better than cats? Cats with money.

F U, Penguin
Fight back against the cute and “telling cute animals what’s what.”

Giant George
Giant George is the world’s tallest living dog and, of course, he’s doing his web presence right—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even a fan club.

The Chive’s “Cat Saturdays” and “Animals That Don’t Suck”
Awesomely funny photo galleries that will keep you looking and laughing way too long.

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