Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday May 23rd 2018


A&E Picks 8/30/12

Pick A Day, Any Day
DeLuna has finally decided to offer single day tickets for this year’s festival. So if you’ve been debating going but weren’t sure, now you’ve really got no excuse.

Con Job
Pensacola’s favorite Atlanta-based band The Constellations are bringing their psychedelic soul-rock sound back to Vinyl Music Hall Friday Night. (8/31)

Centipede Hz
Animal Collective’s upcoming record “Centipede Hz” will be released Tuesday. If the lead single and trippy video for “Today’s Supernatural” are any kind of indicator (which we assume it totally is), it’s going to be pretty out there.

Are You Ready For Some College Football?
Of course you are. This is Pensacola, after all, and anybody who’s ever ventured into a sports bar on a Saturday during the season knows that college football is king around here. The season kicks of Saturday for most of the teams you care about—Florida, Florida State, Auburn, Alabama and LSU. (9/1)