Pensacola, Florida
Thursday May 24th 2018


Musical Smorgasbord

By Kate Peterson

Four bands will take the stage of Vinyl Music Hall; they vary from dream folk, indie, instrumental to psychedelic and shoegaze. Now, it is all together possible that some of you may have never heard of these genres. You are in for a musical potluck, sure to please all who attend.

IN was fortunate enough to speak with three of the four bands making an appearance, Day Joy, Isle and El Cantador. Imaginary Air show will also be playing.

Day Joy is a dream folk band from Orlando, Fla., consisting of Michael Serrin, Travis Reed, Artie Burer, Adam Ibrahim and Peter Michael Perceval III. They record on Small Plates records. Currently they have one album released, “Animal Noise,” and the next one is set to be released in October entitled, “Go to Sleep, Mess.”

IN spoke to Peter Michael Perceval III and Michael Serrin. Because of their seemingly boundless energy, they are the hyper duo of: Michael and Michael.

Perceval grew up in Pensacola and just happens to be the cousin of our very own Mayor Ashton Hayward. While he has no political aspirations of his own, he is proud of his first cousin and looks forward to playing for his family and hometown.

“I am so worried about making it a really special show,” Perceval said. “There will be so many family and friends filling up the venue. I have no expectations, but very mixed emotions. We all feel like Pensacola is an untouched spiritual place. The point at Fort Pickens is extremely special place to the band. We love to come here and unwind.”

Paste Magazine just listed Day Joy as number two on their top ten list of Florida bands. Despite the honor, the band remains humble.

“We are pretty excited and try not to think about it,” Serrin said. “We are all friends in Orlando—all the band members are. We all play with each other; it says so much about the music scene in Orlando. It is definitely an honor.”

Perceval and Serrin, who met in school, have always been very entrenched in the music scene. Perceval was more of a music writer and analyst who just played for himself. Serrin studied music and was playing piano for about 800 people as a freshman.

Apart from his work with Day Joy, Perceval is also the creator of a music, art and life blog called, where people from around Florida can drop music, movies and art for others in the area.

In regards to Day Joy, Perceval and Serrin are both optimistic about the band’s future.

“We are going to see this thing out,” they said. “Our dreams and passions are on these tracks. We are emotionally attached to it … We can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Isle will also be playing at Saturday’s show. IN caught up with Tobi Echevarria and Brandon Warren of the band that was originally called “Isles.” The band is currently wrapping up work on ten tracks, and should have a release on Bad Panda records in a couple of months. If you can’t wait until then, Isle has a demo, “East Hill,” out now on

Recently Isle played the Pensacola Museum of Art during the kickoff event for Surfing Florida: A Photographic History. In addition to playing at The Handlebar, you may have caught their show at Art Party Nine.

Echevarria and Warren said their music can be classified as dreamy. Their sound is based heavily on an electronic/synth sound, with lots of reverb. Their song, “Bayview,” is a particularly haunting and lovely tune. Isle has an especially talented light show coordinator who puts together a visual for each song.

Isle is looking forward to what comes next with their music, whether it be recording or performing.

“We are concentrating on this album and seeing what happens next,” Eschevarria and Warren said. “We are interested in making other records, playing shows and meeting more and more people.”

They both have many solo projects going on as well. Warren will be playing in Imaginary Air Show the same night.

Last but certainly not least, we present El Cantador. They are an indie rock band from Mobile, Ala. IN spoke to Heath Underwood, vocals and guitar for the band.

To date, El Cantador has released the album “Orange,” in 2007, and their most recent release, “Fools for Light.” The album is a ten track EP tagged as being of the independent rock, Mississippi rock synth genre.

El Cantador writes their own songs and only pull out a cover or two every now and then.

“We get a wild hair every once in a while, then we stop and say, ‘Enough of that,’” Underwood said. “All of us play different instruments and write their own parts, each have their own ideas, it turns out better that way.”

The band is currently focused on recording more songs and prepping for a tour this fall. As for their upcoming show, Underwood was hesitant to nail down exactly what Pensacola can expect.

“It is up to you,” Underwood said. “We are very lyrical, all songs are different and how the songs work is different, very uplifting.”

Be sure to check out this gathering of great local Florida and Alabama bands with roots in each other’s music and in the area.

WHEN: 8 p.m. Saturday, September 1
WHERE: Vinyl Music Hall, 2 S. Palafox
COST: $5