Pensacola, Florida
Monday July 22nd 2019


@Diplo – Random Ass White Dude Be Everywhere

By Sarah McCartan

What would a music festival be without dancing? Good thing we don’t have to find out. Just when you started to get slightly anxious that you might run short of opportunities to shake your stuff at this year’s DeLuna Fest, it was announced that Diplo is coming back! Get ready for your legs to feel like jelly from dancing in the sand and brace yourself to kick it with Diplo as he brings his progressive beats back to the shore for a late night set.

“Random ass white dude be everywhere, founder of smoothie wolf, feeding the streets since 1885.” While his Twitter bio paints a pretty good picture, here are five more things you should know about Diplo.

He really is everywhere. The random ass white dude behind the musical movement—Wesley Pentz—is a Mississippi born, Florida raised, schoolteacher turned producer, rapper, songwriter and cutting-edge D.J. He is widely known for teaming up with acts such as M.I.A. and producing superstar divas including Missy Elliot. One certainly can’t overlook his dancehall project Major Lazer or his remixes—from Beck to Britney Spears.

He encourages you to #expressyourself. It’s the name of his latest EP that even draws in the New Orleans bounce music influence. It’s also all over twitter in the form of hashtags. Speaking of twitter, everyone has their favorite celebrities to follow and Diplo is right up there having raked in well over half a million followers. That’s right. He has been officially voted as a “must follow artist.” Follow @Diplo as he takes you jet-setting around the world, to the party and into the chaos of the after-party.

He is the founder of Smoothie Wolf. What the hell is Smoothie Wolf? Why, it’s something else Twitter lent its helping hand to. Smoothie Wolf is a viral marketing campaign and brand conceptualized by Diplo himself. What started as a tweet to Diplo by a designer prompted what erupted into a brand-mark, screen-prints, tees and tanks, and lo and behold, an entire brand.

He not only looks like a model, he acts as a model citizen. Through his record label Mad Decent, not only does he continually launch mega-block parties, he has founded a charity called Heaps Decent. Described as an “initiative committed to finding and nurturing the creativity of underprivileged and indigenous young people and emerging artists,” the group acts as a relief program to help people in Australia and internationally.

He is all about emerging genres. Back in 2009, he took the Dutch genre of bubblin’ (a genre that was birthed out of a mishap when a record was played at the wrong speed) and turned it into a dance hit. What does Diplo see as the “latest and greatest” as far as emerging genres are concerned? During a recent interview with NPR, he advised to be on the look-out for what is called “Tribal.” Of Mexican origin, he describes this as a mix of African and Mesoamerican sounds with “cheesy techno riffs.”

11:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m., Saturday, WindCreek Stage

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