Pensacola, Florida
Sunday August 18th 2019


Prep Smart and Pack Light

By Sarah McCartan

The IN has compiled a list of items to remember, and even few to forget, to help you not just survive, but thrive, at this year’s DeLuna Fest. Whether you are taking the trolley from downtown, parking and trekking from afar, or leisurely walking from your nearby hotel room, it is important to prep smart and pack light.

Get Personal: Photo identification, extra car keys and some spending money are three near and dear items you certainly can’t afford to head to the fest without. Most vendors accept cards or cash and there will also be ATMs onsite for added convenience.

Shield Yourself: Don’t forget your sunglasses, especially key for midday shows when the sun is at its brightest. Bandanas or hats are also great for an added layer of protection.

Suit Up: Although the gulf waters within the festival bounds may be off limits for swimming, a bathing suit remains a must, while the level of additional clothing is entirely up to you. The nights tend to get breezy, so it’s best to think layers. And it’s always a good idea to throw in a towel, just in case.

Spray Drown: Being burnt before the music even starts is a surefire way to spend your weekend drained. Wear sunscreen and remember to reapply. And since we are in Florida and there is always the risk of encountering the occasional “no-see-um,” don’t forget bug spray. Just remember, no sprays that come in aerosol cans.

Stay Hydrated: Be sure to bring an empty water bottle (one that is not glass). Filling stations throughout the festival will keep you hydrated so you can double-fist your water along with some festive punch. In case you do let yourself slip into a dehydration-induced headache, over the counter pain reliever is your friend. In the case of more serious ailments, there is also a medical tent onsite.

Point and Shoot: Who needs a professional camera when you have Instagram, right? While professional cameras (those with detachable lenses) should stay at home, point and shoot cameras are welcome. Also, it’s always handy to have a charger or battery pack on hand for your portable electronic devices.

Pick the Right Kicks: Since you will be walking, dancing and switching back and forth from asphalt to sand, wear sandals or comfortable shoes that you can readily kick on and off. Plus, pick ones that are durable. You don’t want to be blowing out your flip-flops.

Be Selective: Not only do we recommend you pack light when gathering these approved items to bring along with you in the appropriate bag (small backpacks, totes, purses and messenger bags are permitted), we encourage you to be selective. After all, nothing is worse than being turned away from the festival entrance because you have prohibited items in your stash.

Steer Clear: Many of the prohibited items are heavy and cumbersome so consider it a favor they are not allowed. Prohibited items include: personal chairs, any outside food and beverages/liquids, glass bottles, professional-grade camera (with detachable lens), weapons of any kind, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia of any kind, fireworks, pets, aerosol sunscreen, umbrellas, flagpoles, air horns, Styrofoam or other non-recyclable containers.

Bikes, scooters, skateboards and ATVs are not allowed into the festival area. However, a bike rack will be provided outside of the festival area where you may lock your bike at your own risk.

Visit to review the list of approved and prohibited items or email if you have a question regarding a specific item.

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