Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday May 23rd 2018


My Pensacola—Ellis W. Bullock IV

Name: Ellis W. Bullock IV
Day Job: Outerspaces LLC
Pensacola Resident Since: 1982

Good Eats: Groovin Noovin’s—best BLT in Pensacola. Dog House Deli—foot long chili and slaw. If I weren’t a landscaper, I would own my own restaurant. It would be called “Catch, Grow, and Kill.” A harvest-it-yourself, ever changing menu. The food might not be very plentiful, but it would taste great—off a paper plate because I hate doing dishes.

Retail Therapy: I am a “Mr. Mom.” I do the cooking, grocery shopping, etc. If I am not at Target or Publix, I am burning up the aisles of Academy Sports.

Watering Holes: Wherever the wind blows me. I love cold beer and good whiskey! The Bridge Bar is a short paddle from my house, but I’ve yet to attempt it via the kayak.

Nightlife: My two little girls: Coley Isabel, 2, Lilla Way, 3 months; golf cart rides; and an occasional evening out with some friends. I read when time permits.

Outdoors: Hunting and fishing. I hate being inside, unless there is a NASCAR race on. I am out the door within 5 minuets of my alarm sounding!

Arts & Culture: My job is my art. I love to create green spaces, outdoor rooms and beautiful landscapes. I also enjoy walking the local festivals Pensacola has to offer.

Never Miss Events/Festivals: Tough question. I never miss any opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors. I love the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, the Blue Angels, Gallery Night, the fair, fishing weigh-ins, and whatever the day has to offer.