Pensacola, Florida
Thursday April 26th 2018

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Vote 2012: IN’s Election Guide

A free press is a cornerstone of our American democracy—a press that can analyze and critique government officials, political parties and candidates without fear of arrest or imprisonment. Without our Bill of Rights, there would be no Independent News.

It’s with that understanding we have published our Election Guide. We have studied the national, statewide and local candidates on the November 6 ballot. We watched the debates, attended rallies and read press releases, news accounts and the candidates’ websites.

Our prism through which we have analyzed the races is what is best for our nation and our community—not just businesses, but also men, women, children, elderly, rich, poor, middle class, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, non-Christian and all aspects of our community.

In this guide, we compare President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. We look at the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Bill Nelson and Rep. Connie Mack, and we publish the answers of the local candidates that responded to our candidate survey.

And in our tradition of straightforward, no-sacred cows, we offer our endorsements on all the races and amendments with our reasons for each. Please take time to read them, but feel free to disagree.

However, whether you agree or disagree with us, vote on November 6. Your voice needs to be heard and it appears every vote will matter.

Presidential Election Side-By-Side
Nelson vs. Mack
Surveying the Field
The Case for Re-Election
IN’s Endorsements
The Skinny on the Amendments