Pensacola, Florida
Sunday May 20th 2018


Winners & Losers 11/15/12


Lumon May
The man created a ground game that was better than anything District 3 has ever seen in a county commission race.  He had supporters at every precinct on Election Day. The result was he and his team won with over 70 percent of the vote, and they were able to help Gerald Wingate upset Councilman John Jerralds, who had endorsed May’s opponent.

Dixon School of the Arts
The charter school won approval of the State Board of Education to remain open. The board granted a waiver from the state rules that would have closed it because it had two consecutive F school grades. The board members praised the school for its impressive turnaround and community support. They were amazed at the lack of support from Superintendent Malcolm Thomas and the school board, according to locals who attended the meeting.

Nate Silver
The Conservative pundits hated this New York Times blogger for daring to predict weeks ago that President Barack Obama would beat Mitt Romney by a large margin in the Electoral College. Using his own statistical model that rejected conventional wisdom and aggregated state level polling data, Silver accurately predicted the results in the states.  Sometimes the math geeks really know what they are talking about.


Ann Bodenstein
The outgoing Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections had a very bad day on Nov. 6. Normally calm Gulf Breeze had two-hour waits at its one voting precinct. While every other county in Florida was able to report partial results within an hour after the polls closed, Santa Rosa County went silent. Bodenstein blamed software glitches and website issues on the delay.

Karl Rove
The Republican “king maker” raised an estimated $300 million for GOP candidates to help Mitt Romney win the White House and his party take control of the U.S. Senate. Not only did Romney lose, but Democrats won nine of the 10 Senate races in which Rove’s political action committees spent the most money.  And to top it off, Rove had a complete meltdown on air when his beloved Fox News declared Barack Obama was the winner. That’s a video clip we’ve saved.

Emery Boards
Since 2008, the absolute worst campaign handout has been emery boards emblazoned with the candidate’s name. Candidates handing out emery boards have lost every race—Commissioner Mike Whitehead and Sheriff Ron McNesby in 2008.  Whitehead didn’t make the connection, used emery boards again this year and got trounced by Tax Collector Janet Holley.