Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday April 25th 2018

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My Pensacola—Michael Hoyt Williamson

Name:  Michael Hoyt Williamson
Day Job:  Water Treatment Operator ECUA
Pensacola Resident Since:  1964

Good Eats: In town there is no place like the heights, Jerry’s Drive-In, Georgio’s Pizza, New York Deli and the Marina Oyster Barn, all the major food groups are covered and there is no finer dinning in town. On the beach, Sidelines and only Sidelines, everything else on the island is best left for the tourists!

Retail Therapy: Gulf Breeze Bait and Tackle, Hot Spots Bait and Tackle, and Tight Lines Bait and Tackle. Anything else you might need you can send the wife out for it.

Watering Holes: Friday after five, End O’ The Alley is the only place to be. If you’re drinking anywhere else, shame on you! Michelle is the coolest bartender in town and there is no better atmosphere anywhere. By the way Buck, you owe me a Guinness for the plug. Later in the night Patrick at 5 1/2 will rock your world—the best drinks ever made in this region of the country. Finish the weekend with Shannon at Sidelines; there is no better place to wet your whistle on the whole island.

Night Life: Vinyl is the place to be, this place has become the heart and soul of downtown Pensacola. It’s hard to believe this place has only been around for two years. When Vinyl is not rocking, The Handlebar is. And don’t forget the Pensacola landmark, Seville Quarter. Jack and Buck always have something cool going on. And on the eighth day God created The Flora-Bama. God bless Joe Gilchrist, in music we trust.

Outdoors: When it comes to adventure in the great outdoors, the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier is home. There is no other place in this whole town that I would rather be. Over the years my closest and dearest friends are the people that I have met and fished with on that pier. If I am not on the pier I’m cruising the coast in a boat looking for cobia in spring, snapper and king in the summer and mullet in the fall.

Arts & Culture: The T.T. Wentworth Museum has always been a special place for me. At an early age I met Mr. Wentworth at his museum in Ensley and took an interest in our history. As a kid I spent hours at the Pensacola Historical Museum at the Old Christ Church in Seville Square. I developed a passion for history and archaeology at an early age and it is a love I have had my whole life.

Never Miss Events/ Festivals: Let’s make this perfectly clear, The Pensacola Grand Mardi Gras Parade is the king of all events in this community. Being in this parade is the closest thing you will ever do to being a rock star. Panty Man and the Krewe of Left Feet are the most original and the coolest of all the krewes and nobody parties at Mardi Gras harder than my buddies with the Krewe of Carpe Diem. All the other krewes need to take notes. The Krewe of Left Feet and The Krewe of Carpe Diem will show you how it’s done on Feb. 9. The next best thing to Mardi Gras is a relatively new event, The Running of the Bulls. If you haven’t heard of this annual spectacle, you owe it to yourself to venture down to Seville Quarter on the second weekend of July. Be prepared to run for your life. Pamplona has nothing on us! It would be down right un-patriotic not to mention the Blue Angels Air Shows. Watching the Blues rip up the skies of Pensacola is a birth right to all Pensacolians.