Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 19th 2018


Tidings of Comfort Food and Joy

by Joani Delezen, Jennie McKeon & Sarah McCartan
Additional recipes contributed by Kiley Bolster and members of the IN staff—Jessica Forbes, Samantha Crooke, Rick Outzen & Hana Frenette

As any honest food lover will tell you, the weather and the leaves aren’t the only things that change this time of year. Fall into winter  also brings about a change in most people’s food cravings. It’s a time of year and state of mind we like to call “Comfort Food Season.”

You probably know it well. It’s when your desire to dig into warm, soul-satisfying dishes is so powerful, it’s practically instinctual. When the only thing you want to eat comes in a  bowl, is covered in cheese or is pipping hot—or better yet all three.  When even the strictest carb-watchers are tempted by perfectly baked mac and cheese. It’s the most wonder time of the year—to eat and to cook.

From perfected mashed potatoes to dressed up bread pudding that tell us all is right in the world, this issue is oozing with comfort food to eat and to make. We talked to some local chefs and got the inside scoop on some of our favorite dishes around town. We also included some of our personal favorite recipes if you’re looking to get in the kitchen this season. So read up and get ready to give in to those cravings. ‘Tis the season!

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