Pensacola, Florida
Monday March 25th 2019


Soup’s On!

There’s nothing like cupping your hands around a warm bowl of soup after a long, cold day. And when local restaurants serve it, they are always thinking outside of the can.

At East Hill Market, the made-from-scratch soup of the day is constantly changing.

“We hardly ever have the same soup twice,” said Owner Susan Countryman.

Because of the altering menu, it’s hard to pinpoint a popular soup.

“The soups are seasonal, for instance we’ve recently had pumpkin butternut squash,” Countryman said. “We’ve had a brothy chicken soup for those who are fighting a cold.”

No matter what time of the year it is, Countryman has soup seeking customers.

“We have year-round soup people,” she said. “Once it starts getting cold though we see more customers come in.”

Soup, especially homemade soup, comforts you beyond keeping you warm.

“Customers find their favorite soups—ones they grew up with that their mother made for them,” Countryman said.

This month, East Hill Market is celebrating two years in business. Countryman started the restaurant making soups from scratch, and it’s a pretty safe bet she’ll continue to serve inventive concoctions for many years to come.

“People want homemade soups because they can be time consuming to make and they don’t want the preservatives in canned soups,” Countryman said. “We filled a niche that needed to be filled.”

WHERE: 1216 N. 9th Ave.
DETAILS: 469-1432

Can’t get enough soup? Here’s a few more restaurants that rotate their soups.

WHERE: 916 E. Gregory St.
DETAILS: 444-9661

WHERE: 2907 E. Cervantes
DETAILS: 912-6196

WHERE: 3001 E. Cervantes
DETAILS: 469-0029