Pensacola, Florida
Sunday August 19th 2018


IN Interview: The Helvetica Effect

Saving The World, One Show At A Time
By Rob “Bubbs” Harris

Ft. Walton Beach’s resident rockers, The Helvetica Effect, know the importance of honing their craft and writing the best original music they possibly can.

That being said, they also understand the importance of getting the bills paid, which is why they fill their nights by playing cover shows around the Gulf Coast.

While a job is a job, founding member Rob Perez believes that it’s the original music that remains the driving force behind the band. Before THE display their talents at the “Rock for the Coast” benefit later this month, they will play a much more intimate show with local favorites Forever’s Calling at The Handlebar.

IN caught up with Perez to talk about all of the cool things happening within the “Effectee” camp.

IN: The Helvetica Effect has been playing a lot around the FWB/Destin area, but you’re just now starting to line up more shows here in Pensacola. Are you excited to come over here and play for some new crowds?
Perez: We sure are. We have played Pensacola a time or two before with our buddies in Needless. It’s cool to be lining up more gigs over there because we’re so used to all of the places we play in our local area that it’ll be fun to travel outside of our little niche and share our music with some fresh faces. The show at The Handlebar is going to be great. We’ve been wanting to play with Forever’s Calling for a while now and we know the guys in October Skies, so it should be a pretty good show.

IN: How long have you guys been together?
Perez: THE has been a functioning band for about a year and a half. We’ve been a three-piece band for just at a year. Our former second guitarist had family duties to take care of, so we decided to move forward as just the three of us. Doing it that way, we have a lot more space to work with musically, which brought out several new dimensions to our sound. That, and the fact that I work with the greatest musicians I have ever met.

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