Pensacola, Florida
Thursday June 21st 2018


Rants & Raves 12/6/12

You just could not be more incorrect (Independent News, “Outtakes: Secession is Treason,” Nov. 29)!  Please read Walter Williams Nov. 27 letter on Secession. It is the right of a state to secede from the Union if all else fails. Perhaps you could re-read the Declaration of Independence where it says “When in the course of human events…”

It is obvious that Barack Obama is a socialist and intent on destroying our Republic. Your comment about the Johnson and Nixon administrations sadly missed the point—neither of them were socialists!  The people who sign the secession petitions want to preserve the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Framers, not merely exist in the totalitarian state of socialism.

Obama is the traitor for his actions in office and should be removed from that office, tried in the courts, easily convicted and imprisoned. The fact that honest citizens are even discussing secession should indicate to all, but the most primitive, that the Federal government, under Obie, has simply gone—and will continue to go—where no American government has gone before. There are limits to the Federal governments powers and Obie has, and intends to continue, violating those limits.

By the way, you might want to keep in mind that you, as a columnist/writer, will be the first to be silenced when Obie institutes socialism. No socialist government will tolerate active, published dissent and you and your ilk will be his first targets.

Walter Williams is black.
—Jim Woellber

After reading Rick Outzen’s column, I find I must disagree with him and set the record straight. I learned in middle school that Texas does have the right to secede from the USA. In fact, nearly every state has a right to do so, providing their individual State Constitutions allow it.

Referring to information at, I quote, “There is no verbiage in the Texas Constitution, the US Constitution, or the Texas Annexation Agreement that expressly grants the State of Texas the right to secede from the Union. However, the US Constitution is silent on the issue, neither prohibiting it or allowing it, for any state.” It may interest your readers to know that Texas is empowered to be divided into five total states, increasing the allowed Senate seats from 2 to 10 for the “Divided States of Texas.”
—Fred Timm

It is my understanding that American citizens of virtually all 57 states (Obama’s number) have submitted petitions for secession. The purpose of such an act is to preserve our liberties and freedoms that are guaranteed to us by our Constitution. Could you, perhaps, try a more intellectual approach to this subject?

Read the column by Walter E. Williams titled “Secession: It’s Constitutional.” It is concise, easily readable, and historically accurate. If you need assistance with an intellectual approach, I would be glad help you in such an endeavor.
—Jon Ryan, North Port, Fla.

I just read your article on Florida secession, and it’s right on the mark.  I thought you would find the article by Jim Mullen amusing (Evening Sun, “The Lower 47,” May 26, 2009).  It was written in May 2009 soon after the same kind of gun-toting nitwits in Texas thought secession was a terrific idea.
—William Corfield

To start, we are not a democratic nation, but a representive republic. However, we are rapidly becoming a democratic society, in which the takers are soon to out number the makers, and anarchy is to ensue. If you wish to look for treason, look no further than the current administration. A democrat leadership, that is knowingly leading this country down the road to financial ruin, that has a total disregard for the U.S. Constitution, their handling of Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the pipeline, offshore drilling, onshore drilling, OBAMACARE, and the list goes on. Let’s look to the word of J.F. Kennedy, “Ask not what my country can do for me, but what I can do for my country.” It’s time to do what is best for America. Another tired veteran.
—Bill Wells

The Declaration of Independence underpins the desire of many free people in this USA, to be liberated from the bonds of the tyrannical president and his corrupt governing majority.

He steals our natural liberty, in favor of his own self-serving, corrupt interests. His very first duty is to defend the lives of American citizens.

He signed the death warrant of the four in Benghazi by his inaction. His inaction was motivated by his desire to maintain the power of his office. He is as much culpable for the death of these fine men, as King David was for the death of his lover’s husband. The blood of the men who this evil president assigned to die, for the sop of a few votes cry out from the grave for “justice.”

The “loyal opposition” is just a half step more worthy than the traitor chief executive.

One other quick note, the castoff of the British monarchy came at the hands of a small minority of men. The castoff of this tyrannical government voted in by a majority of people, seeking other people’s legally earned property, is every bit as certain as the castoff of the British rule, and is more justified even than that revolution.

Since you refer to our governing system as a “democracy” which it is not, I assume that either you are ignorant of the type government or a deceiver of the first order. Likely, you are both.

This government is a democratic republic!  It is to be ruled by law, not the whim of presidency. The laws enacted must fit the profile of the boundaries of the Declaration of Independence.  They must also fit comfortably in the limitations of the constitution.

The present presidency is observably unrestrained by the law, or by the constitution. Therefore, by the standard declared by Jefferson, secession is morally and ethically legal, and permissible.

Furthermore, the idea that the military would suppress succession, through the blood of Americans is mistaken. If succession becomes a viable alternative, the military would more likely go physically clean out the White House and Congress, and start over again under the law of the constitution.

If you think that the military would support this administration’s form of tyranny, just keep your eyes open. You have a lot to learn.
—Paul Doss, Tampa, Fla.