Pensacola, Florida
Sunday July 22nd 2018


IN’s How To Guide To The Best Holidays Ever

For a lot of people the holidays are about surviving. The never-ending shopping lists, the extra party invites, the mandatory family time, the excessive eating and drinking—sometimes just coming out of the other side of December alive seems like a win.  But we think you do can better. We think you can thrive and actually have happy holidays (if you want to).  So we’ve created an extensive “How To” guide to help you do just that.

From how to shop locally, to how to get crafty, to how to wrap with style, we’ve packed more than enough advice into this issue. And here’s the best tip we can offer you: Don’t fight the holidays. They are bigger than you and they are always going to win. Being a cynical Scrooge will only make it worse—trust us. So just put on your reindeer sweater, starting humming along to “Jingle Bells,” drink a cocktail (or two) and try and have yourself a merry, little Christmas.

How To Be A Better Gift Giver
How To Shop Local
How To Mind Your Manners
How To Wrap It Up
How To Get Crafty This X-Mas
How To Survive the Holidays as a Vegan
How To Give an Entertaining Gift