Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday May 23rd 2018


How To Wrap It Up

Lindsay Myers was first introduced to furoshiki—a Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts in cloth—through a love of Lush bath and body products.

“They started offering it as a re-useable, ‘green’ alternative to traditional wrapping paper,” she explained. “I loved reusing the fabric I had either as scarves or to wrap other gifts in. I decided other people would enjoy the concept as well.”

Not only is cloth wrapping pretty and sustainable, but it’s easier to clean up.

“I hate how after Christmas morning or a birthday there tends to be an entire garbage bag full of gift wrap,” Myers said. “Furoshiki enables anyone to present a beautiful gift. You don’t need extra ribbon or bows—you don’t even need tape.”

Myers suggests getting lost on Youtube for many ways to reuse and retie the fabric.

“Furoshiki is such a beautiful idea—both because it is so versatile and personal,” she said. “In Japanese custom you actually have a ‘signature’ fabric and the recipient of a gift returns the fabric after the gift is given.”

She has full confidence that anyone can wrap their gift creatively and beautifully in cloth, but just in case take a look at her step by step process.

“If you can tie your shoelaces you can present a lovely and totally unique gift,” Myers said.

The Process

Supplies: To practice furoshiki at home, Myers recommends starting with a 33-inch square of fabric then hemming or surging it. You can use almost any fabric.

“I get my fabric from a local fabric store. If choosing your own, keep in mind that different fabrics have different uses,” she said. “The silky ones make the tightest knots. I love flannel because it is so cozy and the pattern is on both sides. Cotton quilting fabric is the crispest but you are probably not going to add it to your fashionable ensemble.”

Wrapping #1 Steps:
To wrap a basic gift you place the gift in the center of the fabric so that the gift is square to you and the fabric diagonal.
Fold two of the corners of the fabric inward so they are parallel to the edges of the gift.
Wrap them to cover the gift altogether.
Next, gather the other two ends of the fabric.
Tie them together on top of the gift.

Wrapping #2 Steps
Place object in the center of the wrap.
Fold each corner inward, pointing toward the middle.
On opposite sides tie corner into an overhand knot, tightening around the object.
Next, tie a square knot in the loose ends from the overhand knot keeping the same corners together.
Pull the handles, cinching around the object(s), to form a bag!

You can purchase fabric from Myers on her Etsy store at