Pensacola, Florida
Saturday June 23rd 2018


Memorable Quotes ’12

“I could have went the other way if someone did not care enough to stay actively engaged in my life.”—Rev. Joseph Marshall

“I’d always had the Lucille Ball approach to life: don’t mess with success, stick with what you’re good at.”—Dr. Judy Bense, UWF president

“It makes me just want to throw up,”—SRIA board member Elwyn Guernsey

“I donated my entire paycheck to cultural institutions here.”—Sen. John McCain

“Innovation is only born when you’re willing to entertain diversity of opinions,” Mona Amodeo, idgroup CEO

“I always like to talk about Grover because I knew him when he was just a little-shaver.”—Sen. Bill Nelson

“These kids are still waking up every morning and it’s looking like a concentration camp.”—Pastor Willie Williams

“It’s not the same-o, same-o anymore.”—Mayor Ashton Hayward

“The word ‘potential’ to me means you are not where you need to be. We have a lot of ‘options.’”—Brian Hooper, URAC chairman

“The only free time I have is in the shower.”—Shannon Pallin, owner of Fiore

“Too many of our young people are dying.”—Rev. Tyler Hardeman

“Blacks, Hispanics and young people are the people most hurt by this economy. Do you really think they are going to vote for this president?”—John Boehner, Speaker of the House

“The sad part about this is you’re kind of like a baseball manager. The only difference is the winning percentage doesn’t matter.”—County Administrator Randy Oliver

“Without being arrogant or boastful, I’m just tired—after six years on the job I want to win.”—Commissioner Gene Valentino

“They [IN] can’t sell the paper…they have to give it away.”—Commissioner Wilson Robertson