Pensacola, Florida
Monday June 18th 2018


An Unplugged Workout

Fitness Without Technology
By Jennie McKeon

There’s no excuse to not regularly exercise—even if you’re not a tech geek. With just one boot camp class—whether it’s with a local gym or Fixed on Fitness—you’ll start to see just how easy it is to fit exercise into even the busiest schedule.

A fitness boot camp is a type of outdoor group exercise that mixes traditional callisthenic and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. They can be intense, but very effective.

Michael Krivor travels a lot for work, which was always his excuse for not working out. When he took a boot camp class at YMCA last February, it changed his perspective.

“There’s no gym needed, it’s an incredible workout,” he said. “All you needed was a little bit of pavement and running room.”

The lack of technology and equipment makes boot camp routines and the like an accessible and inexpensive way to get and stay fit.

“You do not need fancy equipment, a GPS watch, and a gym membership to get a great workout,” said Kenzie Presnell, co-owner of Fixed on Fitness. “We do teach our clients to workout with absolutely no equipment. This enables them to workout at home, in a hotel room, or at a local park if the gym is closed or if they cannot make it to camp that day.”

Fixed on Fitness and other boot camp-style classes use their surroundings as much as possible using park benches, stairs and hills in workouts.

“One of our favorite workouts is the Tour of East Hill,” she said. “In this workout, we are able to utilize many of our local parks for a great total body workout. If you can find a hill, an open field, or even a picnic table, you can create a dynamic and effective workout! Moving your workout outside can also create a new challenge as well as change the scenery for your workout.”

Kenzie and Josh Presnell started Fixed on Fitness in 2007. Josh, a former Search and Rescue Instructor for the U.S. Navy and Kenzie, a competitive swimmer, are not just passionate about their fitness, but the well-being of their clients.

“Our program is designed to promote personalization between the clients and trainers, and our workouts have been created and tailored by our trainers over the last few years,” Kenzie said.

Kenzie refers to Fixed on Fitness as “old school,” since little technology is implemented into workouts and even as more and more uses for technology present themselves, Fixed on Fitness, remains the same.

“We have achieved great results with the workouts that have been created by Fixed on Fitness, and we are not willing to deviate from a program that has worked so well,” she said.

Clients usually get stuck on the fitness routines as well. After almost a year of boot camp Krivor has not only stuck with the program, but continues to find ways to exercise while on the road, or even when visiting with family.

Krivor took his boot camp knowledge with him when he visited his brother.

“He was absolutely worked out,” he said proudly. “He had sweat on his sweat.”

They started with a half-mile warm-up and then did 10 reps of four different exercises: burpees, push-ups, leg lifts, and squats. After the reps they ran or did jumping jacks and then did nine reps of the exercises. The process continued until they were down to one.

Now, 30 pounds lighter since he started the boot camp classes, Krivor has a new outlook on exercise.

“It completely turned around when and where I work out,” he said. “There’s no excuse.”

And because of the intensity of the workout, Krivor knows he has to stay on his game to keep up after a hiatus from the class.

“They’re going to tear into you when you get back,” he said.

Enlist in a local boot camp
Here’s just a few of your boot camp options.

First Fixed on Fitness Camp of 2013
Get a head start on your New Year’s resolution and sign up for the first Fixed on Fitness Camp of 2013. The Bayview, Perdido and Pace camps will kick off Monday, Jan. 7. There will also be a Welcome Night for Camp 1 on Sunday, Jan. 6 at Running Wild, 3012 E. Cervantes St. from 3 to 4 p.m. The six-week program includes 24/7 access to their personal trainer, a comprehensive nutrition program, and training programs for local runs and triathlons. For more information, call 607-6978 or email

Boot Camp at YMCA downtown
Classes meet Mondays at 9:15 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. and Fridays at 6 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. at the downtown branch of YMCA, 410 N. Palafox. For more information about YMCA, call 438-4406 or visit

Unlimited Fitness Results Inc.
Contact the trainers at Unlimited Fitness Results Inc. to create a boot camp plan that works for you. Visit the gym at 1101 S. Fairfield Drive, call 912-6512 or visit for more information.

Anytime Fitness
You can take in a boot camp class at the 24-hour gym and just to make exercising more accessible, your membership is good at all Anytime Fitness facilities. You can check out the local branch at 100 S. Alcaniz, call the office at 469-1144 or visit for more information.