Pensacola, Florida
Saturday May 26th 2018


New Year’s Eve Dance Party

By Hana Frenette

New Year’s Eve. Champagne. Sparklers. Funny hats and sparkly clothes. Most people wander around downtown, watch the pelican drop and then spend an hour trying to wade through the Palafox crowds or get a beer.

You could do all those things this year. Or you could be dancing your heart out when the clock strikes midnight.

Sluggo’s is hosting a New Year’s Eve dancing extravaganza. Isle, Meth Dad and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! will all be playing, sweating, dancing, and most likely throwing glitter around.

Wear something you’re not afraid to sweat in and start your New Year’s off right. IN caught up with Meth Dad (Tyler Walker) and talked with him about the upcoming show and his love for a good party.

IN: What is Meth Dad?
METH DAD: Meth Dad is my solo electronic pop project. I make high energy, super posi, electronic dance music filled with sing a longs and sweat.

IN: How did it form? Has the sound always been consistent or did it evolve from something else? How long has the band been making music?
METH DAD: I played in a lot of bands at the same time and I was always eager to play any show that was offered to me. I had always made music by myself; I just never played it live. So I decided to take a shot at doing a solo show. I originally started more noisy and club beats and evolved into a much more poppy dance music after I started playing it live. It was just more fun to play Dance music live than Noise music so I made the transition. I have been making music under the name Meth Dad for 4 years.

IN: Exactly who is in the band?
METH DAD: I write and create all the music using various instruments and samples but mostly digitally though a music production program called Ableton Live. When I play live, I invite all my friends to play with me if the want. They can play any instrument and they can sing as long as they know the words. I like to have different people involved every time I play live.

IN: I’ve seen you guys once, at Vinyl, and you had some pretty awesome dancers equipped with signs to instruct the audience occasionally. Have you always included them in the show?
METH DAD: I have dancers/backup singers/musicians play live with me if I can. Or if I can’t I just play by myself. It’s easier to get the crowd involved when more people are in the band and it’s not just me.

IN: Do you always encourage audience participation with instruction or just plain old asking?
METH DAD: I always encourage audience participation. I love sing-a-longs, group hugs, high fives, and most of all—when people dance.

IN: How do you decide on the outfits that will be worn? Do you have any place or idea in particular that you draw inspiration from with the clothes?
METH DAD: I just like my outfits to be flashy. You know—covered in sequins or rainbows, or extravagant and sparkly. Just something to really draw the crowd’s attention

IN: You’ll be playing at Sluggo’s on New Years. What do you think that show will be like?
METH DAD: I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! One way to describe it for me is busy! I’m playing in every band! Not only am I doing a Meth Dad set, I am playing drums for Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! and keyboards for Isle!

IN: Is there anything you’d really love to do at a show one day? Or incorporate into a show?
METH DAD: I want to do a whole tour with all my friends and like 20 musicians in my band. I’ve done two shows at larger clubs in Nashville and they went amazing! I called it Meth Dad Mega Band and it’s a lot of fun and a sound guy’s worst nightmare!

IN: You’re currently based out of Nashville. Is there a difference in the reaction or response you get when playing a show there vs. here?
METH DAD: The city or location doesn’t matter much; it’s mostly the people and the crowd. If the crowd is ready to dance and participate then it’s going to be super fun regardless of the venue or city. New Year’s should be fun because everyone is in the mood to just let loose, have a good time and most of all party.

IN: What would you like to do next? Any plans or goals for the future?
METH DAD: I want to continue to make music with as many people as I possibly can and try to continue to tour as much as possible. If I could do what I am doing right now for the rest of my life, I probably would. I have way too much fun doing what I do!

WHAT: Meth Dad, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, and Isle
WHEN: 8 p.m. – 12 a.m., Monday, Dec. 31
WHERE: Sluggo’s, 101 S. Jefferson St.
DETAILS:; Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant on Facebook;