Pensacola, Florida
Wednesday December 12th 2018


The Organic Comedy Tour

By Hana Frenette

The Organic Comedy Tour, starring Jarrod Harris and Ryan Singer will be making a stop in Pensacola as the duo travels across the country in their RV, performing and filming their upcoming documentary. They are self-professed weirdos, and have each been featured by national media. NY Magazine and LA Weekly have named them top comics to watch, and they’ve had their faces in and out of the Huffington Post, as well as The Rolling Stone. They’ll be performing at the Handlebar Sunday, and will have some local comics in tow. The IN was able to catch up with them while they were on the road. Jarrod Harris fills us in on Pensacola memories and accidentally antagonizing a man with a gun.

IN: Have you ever been to Pensacola before? What did you do and what did you think?
HARRIS: I actually used to live in Molino, Fla. just north of Pensacola when I was a kid. I just remember Molino smelling like a combination of a paper mill and horse doo-doo. We used to eat at Quincy’s and Sonny’s BBQ a lot—thanks, Dad. As a comic, though, I have performed at The Handlebar and I loved it. I was just there this past summer.

IN: How did you and Ryan [Singer] meet?
HARRIS: Ryan was coming to Atlanta about two years ago and I booked him on a show I used to produce. I had heard he was really funny and he had great hair.

IN: When did the decision come about to go on tour?
HARRIS: Well, both of us are always touring individually. However, we came up with this idea to make a documentary showcasing the DIY movement in comedy, which turned into Organic Comedy Tour & Documentary. That was about two months ago. The two of us have the same comedic sensibility, so it just seemed right. We both embrace being different, we’re kinda weirdos.

IN: This tour is called “The Organic Comedy Tour.” What should people expect? Jokes about naturally produced food?
HARRIS: The term “organic” refers to the grassroots comedy scenes around the country that we are documenting.

IN: Do you remember the first time you did stand-up, or the first joke you told? Or were you one of those children that already knew they wanted to be a comedian and started writing jokes at five?
HARRIS: The first time I did stand-up, I didn’t write any jokes or prepare. I just had this idea that you went up with a few topics and tried to be funny. It didn’t work at all. I soon found out that stand-up comedy takes a certain amount of structure.

IN: Have you ever had a really tough crowd that just wasn’t a good match for your humor and you had to endure the “crickets?”
HARRIS: I’m sure that’s happened at some point in the past. Probably the worst thing that happened, though, was when this guy in the audience in Conyers, Ga. left the show to get a gun because he wanted to shoot me. He had heckled me from the crowd and I made fun of him. I guess he didn’t like that.

IN: What do you do when this happens?
HARRIS: If I ever feel like a crowd doesn’t dig me, I really don’t care anymore. After 11 years of doing stand-up, I entertain myself now. If the crowd wants to come along for the ride, then great.

IN: Who do you look up to or really respect in terms of comedians?
HARRIS: There are too many great comics out there to name them all. Most of these talented comedians are friends of mine and, unfortunately, most people haven’t heard of them.

IN: How is the RV treating you?
HARRIS: Unfortunately, the RV is sick right now. It’s in RV hospice. We are currently traveling in my Audi and pulling a small trailer with our equipment and merch magic. It’s a little crowded with me, Ryan, two other comics who make up the film crew, and of course, Ryan’s hair. Sometimes we have to make him put it in trailer.

IN: What do you think will be next? This can mean your next meal, thoughts on the apocalypse, or future career goals.
HARRIS: I think everyone in the car wants to pee right now.

IN: If everything could turn out exactly how you want, what would happen?
HARRIS: We want to make a fun, interesting and informative documentary that sheds light on something that most people aren’t aware of.

WHAT: Jarrod Harris & Ryan Singer, plus some locals
WHEN: 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 20
WHERE: The Handlebar, 319 N. Tarragona St.