Pensacola, Florida
Sunday May 27th 2018


Zach Deputy at the Handlebar

By Hana Frenette

Zach Deputy, often described by others as an “amazing one-man dance band,” is an eclectic mix of variations. At times he’s building a solid dance rhythm with just himself and the instruments strapped on his back and feet, only to later perform with his band busting out a psychedelic rock reggae rap anthem. There’s just no way to pin down what you’re going to see. IN caught up with Deputy on his way to Costa Rica for a performance and he answered our questions the same way he puts on a show—unpredictably.

IN: How long have you been making music?
ZACH DEPUTY: Since before this earth age.

IN: When did the decision come about to just go it alone and become the infamous one-man-band?
ZD: Sometimes fate decides and I ask fate questions, but it does not answer me with words only circumstance. Oh, fate.

IN: Did you ever play with other bands or people before going solo?
ZD: Yes, I have made the noise with other humans and my miniature schnauzer Maggie.

IN: How did you get involved with Jungle Jam? I saw it on your website—it looks pretty neat!
ZD: The promoter is a friend of mine, and I like a good excuse to come to paradise.

IN: Has it already happened yet? If so, how was it? If not, what are you expecting?
ZD: What happens in Costa Rica stay in Wichita.

IN: I heard that you can drop freestyle rhymes with the best of them. Let me see what you’ve got.
ZD: Roses are red violets are blue, I drop rhymes, what’s up with that?

IN: It seems like you have quite an eclectic taste when it comes to what you play. Fun dance party stuff, love ballads, raps. Is there anything you like playing more, or feel you connect with more?
ZD: Definitely Def Leopard.

IN: When it comes time to make an album, do you just go with one direction of sorts, or do you kind of like to throw a little taste of everything you’ve got in there?
ZD: A little bit of both, depending on which album. Sometimes I like to be very serious though; actually I’m always serious, seriously.

WHAT: Zach Deputy with Bear With Me
WHERE: The Handlebar, 319 N. Tarragona St.
WHEN: 10 p.m. Friday, Jan. 25
COST: $10 in advance; $13 at the door