Pensacola, Florida
Monday May 28th 2018


Hottest Greater Pensacola Area Jobs for 2013

By Walker Holmes

As summer 2013 approaches, some jobs and career choices are hot in the greater Pensacola area while others are not. Although the mantra, “do what you love, the money will follow,” remains valid, it does not apply to all careers, especially not in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

If you’re qualified as a doctor, lawyer or architect, your job is probably also your career. In other cases, you might want to choose a career or industry, before seeking specific jobs.

A critical factor is can you read this article. If so, there are several possibilities. However, if you are only looking at pictures, then finding a good-paying job in this community could be a challenge.

If you can’t find the entry position exactly in your field, don’t get disheartened. Even underwear models can become elected officials in Pensacola.

Here are some of the top careers and industries, which project numerous job opportunities in Pensacola for 2013 and beyond. Consider these projections, as you contemplate the job you want to get. Here are some of the hottest careers and industries, listed in no particular order of “heat.”

Crowd: Attend city and county press conferences, groundbreakings, ribbon-cuttings and council meetings. Applaud, sometimes cheer. Must stay awake for entire ceremony. Food and drink usually provided. Being photogenic a plus. Chances for advancement none.

Lookout: Communicate impending danger for drug dealers. Must have cellphone and know how to text. Quickness and agility are pluses. Transportation a plus. Not a drug-free workplace. Chances for advancement good.

Social Drinker: Distillers need people ages 18 to 30 for research on alcohol and social interactions. Unattached males and females only. Paid in non-BP gift cards. Chances of advancement depend on how well one holds his/her liquor.

Crime Scene Technicians: On-call position to respond to extreme cleaning situations that may include death scenes, meth labs, workplace accidents with significant blood spills and general gross filth. With all the crime in this area, job stability is guaranteed.

Boiled Peanut Salesperson: Work outdoors for Gannett’s newest revenue source. Apprenticeship program mandatory. Don’t have to be nuts to sell nuts, but it helps. Chances of advancement good. Maybe even add sunglasses to your inventory.

Secretary/Administrative Assistant: Twenty-percent of all city and county workers hold this position. Typing ability not necessary. Good attitude a rarity. Chances of advancement good. Your goal is to get your own secretary.

Urine Drug Screen Collector: More local employers require drug tests. Somebody has to collect the cups. Drug-free workplace. Chances for advancement uncertain.

Braille Translator: Someone needs to read all the Braille signs in our government buildings to be sure they say what they should. We don’t even know if the words are spelled correctly.