Pensacola, Florida
Friday April 27th 2018


Abhaya Yoga Center hosts Alison West for Weekend of Focus

Abhaya Yoga Center announced today that Alison West, ERYT, Ph.D will be visiting Pensacola and AYC for a Weekend of Focus from April 12th – 14th. Alison’s three day visit will focus on alignment during vinyasa (sequential or flowing) practice, forward bending with a mindful eye towards conscious movement and back-care, and concentration on the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine in various sequences.  Abhaya owner Nancy LaNasa says her longtime friend, “has the ability to take the simplest yoga pose and break it down into a fully enlightening hour’s-worth of work. She is the Rodin of the yoga teaching community.”

An established art historian published by Cambridge University Press and on the faculty of Barnard/Columbia, Alison West seemingly changed direction and went on to found Yoga Union (YU) in 1996, after studying for many years, in the Sivananda, Iyengar and Astanga traditions. Her spiritual teachers include Ramana Maharshi and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj in the Advaita Vedanta (or non-dual) tradition of Indian philosophy. Alison formulated Yoga Union Principles of Practice that can be applied to most forms of Hatha Yoga, and brings teaching insights born of the ongoing study of anatomy and kinesiology. In 2006, she founded the Yoga Union Center for Backcare & Scoliosis (YUCBS) with Deborah Wolk. By 2011, Alison opened another Yoga Union on W 28th street, NYNY, dedicated to conscious movement and safe teaching in both structural and flow classes that includes a Yoga Union Backcare. Alison teaches classes, workshops and “gold standard” (TONY) Teacher Trainings. Alison is also Executive Director of Yoga for NY, which represents all Yoga studios, teachers and students to the State and other entities. Of her annual visit to AYC with Nancy, Alison replied, “Nancy and I have been friends and colleagues for over twenty years. Nancy was and has remained one of the coolest women I know.”

Workshop Details:
Weekend of Focus with Alison West:
Friday, April 12th, 6:00pm – 8:30pm:
Flow with Focus – Alignment in Vinyasa – $35
Saturday, April 13th, 12pm – 3pm:
Gravity is Your Friend – with a Focus on Forward Bending – $45
Sunday, April 14th, 9am – 12pm:
Your Spine is Fine – with a Focus on the Lumbar, Thoracic, and Cervical Spine – $45
$120 FOR ALL 3 SESSIONS – Contact Nancy at: 850.439.0350 or

About Alison West & Yoga Union
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