Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 19th 2018


Stay Local Saturday

Every year, the IN does a Stay Local issue—which we dedicate to all the local businesses that make Pensacola a place we actually want to live (and spend our money) in. We also look forward to Record Store Day (RSD) pretty much all year—a day that’s also all about small businesses, just with a music loving focus. This year we decided to tie the two together—why not celebrate one of our favorite annual local shopping days in our issue about shopping local, right?

This year’s RSD is Saturday, April 20 and Pensacola is lucky enough to have two participating stores joining in on the action. Just in case you haven’t heard of it, here are the basics on RSD:  it’s a global event that uses special and limited edition music releases to draw people to locally owned, independent record stores. It’s a pretty big deal for some—especially vinyl enthusiasts. Last year on RSD, people waited in the rain for Revolver Records to open—it’s that serious (and that good for business).

Our goal this Saturday is to channel the excitement surrounding RSD and expand it to staying local in general. To make that happen, the IN staff is taking on the challenge of a full-on “Stay Local Saturday” and we’d love for you to join us. What that means is all local, all day, no Starbucks exceptions. So if you go out for coffee, shopping (for new music, obviously and anything else), to eat lunch or to grab a drink, it has to be at a local business.

We’ve already done our homework to find out what’s going on Saturday, so you don’t have to worry about that. And trust us there’s plenty to do to keep you away from the mall. We’ve got a complete list of events, festivals and live music for you to plan your day around. We also mapped our Saturday plans—just in case you need some ideas. If you still aren’t sold on why staying local matters, we’ve got some statistics to persuade you; plus an op-ed from a former retail employee who’s worked in chain stores and a mom and pop shop.

If you’re reading this paper you’re already supporting a local small business, so we know that means you’re up to the challenge of staying local. So read up, start planning and get ready for Stay Local Saturday.

Why Local Matters
What’s Happening
Retail Reflections
How The IN Does Saturdays
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