Pensacola, Florida
Tuesday June 19th 2018


Digging for Gold

If you are extra-fond of crate digging, the following stores are not participating in Record Store Day, but offer local vinyl-hunting opportunities:

Remember Wynn
7007 Lanier Drive

Though not bringing in any RSD releases, RememberWynn will have a sale to mark the occasion. The sale includes 25 percent off used vinyl, 15 percent off of sealed vinyl and a $1 sale section.

The Merry Go Round Record Shop
4115 Barrancas Ave.

Don’t forget that most thrift stores, yards sales and flea markets feature vinyl as a staple. Here are some of our personal favorites where we’ve found a treasure or two:

Blue Moon Antiques
3721 W. Navy Blvd.

Waterfront Rescue Mission
2125 West Fairfield Drive

T&W Flea Market
1717 N. T St.

Just remember to always check vinyl in uncurated stores and yard sales. It may be inexpensive, but if a record is unplayable you are effectively only purchasing the artwork.